Sunday, 9 August 2015

The FMS Hot and Hard 100 2015 pdf

I would love in the near future to be able to go to the newsagents and come across a beautiful edition of the FMS Hot and Hard 100, just like you can with FHM...

And today that reader's wish is a little closer to reality. No, we haven't secured a deal with Condé Nast to publish the Hot and Hard 100 in a glossy magazine to be distributed all over the world (if only!) but as he did last year, our old friend PumpItUp had taken up the challenge of producing a pdf version of our annual list.

In 2014, by his own admission, it was a bit rough and ready, but yesterday I promised you a treat, and the 2015 version of the pdf os most certainly that. I actually used a proper DTP program this time! says PumpItUp. And it really shows.

Download and enjoy.

Upload it to forums, Facebook pages, wherever you think it might be appreciated.

Why not print it out if you can, get it bound and put it on your shelf?

Just like FHM, but with MUSCLE!

The FMS HOT and HARD 100 2015 pdf

Please give your comments on the pdf below. And don't forget to visit PumpItUp's Female Muscle - the longest-running female muscle blog in the whole world. Go show the man some love. It's the least you can do after all his hard work.


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  1. I'm glad you always use my sentence to introduce that awesome piece of art that is the FMS Hot and Hard 100 magazine (yes, it is).
    Thanks again for that fantastic work!