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Reader Request: Denise Faith

It's been four years (!) since the last time we had a Reader Request here on the blog (it was Geraldine Morgan), so to say another is long overdue is something of an understatement. I want to stress that the reason for this isn't because we haven't been asking readers for their suggestions during this time, and nor is it because we get the requests and then reject them! So please, please do send in any suggestions - either for individual women, themes, whatever. Anything you think might make a good post (or more), we would love to hear from you. The address, as ever, is (or use the comment box below or on any FMS post).

OK, so on with the show...


She's my personal champion right now, says FMS reader JT. I'm talking about Denise Faith, the beautiful and massive-getting-bigger-every-day Swedish IFBB pro. Check out her updates on her Facebook feed. The latest is that her arms are stretching the measuring tape (and my imagination) to 49cm or 19.2 inches!

And there it was. Her near as dammit 50cm arm, along with a follow-up pic of her beautiful bicep encased with the measuring tape to prove the doubter who questioned her size wrong. Moha ha ha! she writes. Bigger than the Boyz!

Denise (sometimes spelt as Deniz) has been on the FMS radar since 2013, when she appeared at the last IFBB Worlds to feature a Female Bodybuilding category.

She finished 5th, which given the evidence of these shots from the contest, seems rather, well, ridiculous. But since then the 2012 Swedish champion has gained her pro card. In an interview with RxMuscle from early 2014 she talks about competing in her first pro show in Toronto that year, but as far as I can see, that never happened. Nor did rumours that she was going to be at the Tampa Pro last weekend prove true.

The latest is this (from her Facebook page): After seeing The Tampa Pro line-up I know I can make a great impact and break into a top 5 position next year by making the necessary improvements both in posing and details! I got more than enough mass to stand my ground on the pro scene, just got to keep on grinding with the posing and carving out striations. And keeping my waist in. So excited for next season!

Looks like we'll just have to wait. But JT is finding ways to pass the time at least.

Denise's recent arm measurements caused what he calls his "statto mind" to start whirring away, and before long... Google search for 19 inch thighs, and you can find a lot of self-conscious women worrying whether their 19 inch thighs are too big! One guy even posted on Denise's thread that his thighs are 19 inches. I don't think she was talking about legs when she said "bigger than the boyz"!

Next, searching for 19 inch waist does also deliver some results. Most of them appear to be the result of extreme behaviour - corset wearing or starvation - but there are some women with waists smaller than Denise's arms. Incredible.

Finally, the inevitable comparison for such things is to bring up Renee Toney. Now I'm a big fan of "size" but there's no comparison for me between the Viking-maiden beauty of Denise and the androgynous hulking of Renee. Denise wants more, and that would be great, particularly if she can retain the feminity along side the bulk.

I am willing to bet she can meet her 50cm target, and still look gorgeous.

Denise originally took up weight training as the result of a basketball injury. I was hooked! she says. I found out that I like muscular guys and was interested in muscle magazines like Muscular Development etc. Well that's curious, because if you substitute "girls" for "guys" and take away the basketball injury, that's a very familiar story! Anyway, Denise continues by saying that I didn't do anything about it until I met my fiancé 10 years ago. He helped me to compete for the first time in Figure. The year after I competed in Bodybuilding and I was hooked again.

She now co-owns the PT business "Coach XtraOrdinaire" with that fiancé of hers, so, despite the constantly put back pro debut, it doesn't seem like Denise is about to change. [Since] I got my pro card it's another ball game for me. It feels like starting over again and I am once again hooked! she explains. This is what I want to do.

Follow Denise's ever-changing competition plans, her continued gorgeousness, and her quest for those 50cm arms on her aforementioned Facebook and/or Instagram.

Massive-like-Denise thanks to JT for the suggestion. Enjoy!

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