Monday, 23 May 2016

A Theme with No Name: More Than A Feeling?

Just over a week ago, pdgde - one of FMS' favourite Tumblr blogs, one of the very few other blogs we have previously flagged up here - disappeared completely. There were rumours, accusations of shenanigans, and of a shadowy FBB-hating demon who had taken down our hero and a year and a half's worth of posting.

Within what seemed like a few hours though, pdgde2 had been born. I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!! he exclaimed - in about his tenth post, talk about getting your priorities right! "Bodies" had been the one-word description he used for his former blog, "Huge f*cking fbbs" was the title of the new. And he's been as busy as ever, loading up his er, new archive with exactly what he boldly promises on the tin.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, mainly so you visit his blog - check this post out, for example.

As well as that though, I wanted to credit him with helping me out in defining, well, sort of defining, this week's theme on FMS. I'm not about to tread on his big girl territory, but the problem is I can't tell you what this week's theme is, but I can show you. And one of pdgde's very first posts on his new blog turned out to be absolutely perfect.

So, what is this week's theme?

Well, it's a bit of this...
Julianne Trebing in full prep

And definitely a bit of this, as well.
Asha: fully pumped

And there is a little bit of this, too.

Yes, indeed!

But it's also these. And, next to them, THAT!
Shanique Grant's vascular thighs, and Heidi Krochter feels it

And it's the final image that pdgde provided me with, and perhaps it's the one that captures what this week is all about best of all.

It's unapologetic, it's in your face (sadly not literally). It's sexy, it's pumped, it's freaky and unfortunately it's not something I have been able to find a way of describing in a single word or phrase. Pdgde's title for his first (now gone) blog was "Passion FBB", and that is probably as close as I can get to it. It's not a thing, you see, it's a feeling.

And yet it's more than a feeling...

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