Friday, 27 May 2016

Rachel Reid: She Likes That Shit

A forum (the one whose first rule is...) has been running periodic "Best Selfie" polls. From a selection of 30 nominated selfies in either the Bikini/Fitness or Physique/Bodybuilding category you vote for your favourites. In the latter of those categories, Rachel Reid's selfies (above, below) get a lot of votes.

And why not? As one of the forum members there points out she is "gorgeous and huge", a combination guaranteed to get the brethren excited. And those pecs in particular get a lot of attention and praise. Chest day, she reveals, is her favorite training day of the week. And she's rightly very proud of her "lady pecs". I don't have implants, she says. Nor will I get them.

She started as a powerlifter - which is perhaps why those pecs look so damn powerful - and ended up competing only by chance. I had a good friend bet me that if he lost 30lbs in a month then I had to do a figure competition, she says. He won! After her first (natural) bodybuilding show, she says she "became hooked".

It took me a long time to build enough muscle to compete at the NPC level, says Rachel, and initially she competed in Figure, reaching national level and 9th in her class at the 2014 IFBB North Americans. But in 2015 she switched to Physique. I plan to compete in the WPD this fall, she said at the start of the year, and battle for my pro card at the NPC Nationals in Miami in November.

She did compete in the fall, but despite all the attention that she and her pecs were getting on the forums, despite feeling "gloriously veiny" on the morning of the NPC Baltimore Classic, a 6th place was not enough to get her to the Nationals.

See how Rachel always seems to say the right things? No implants, loves the veins. And she loves the right quotes as well. Example - Things I have in common with Victoria's Secret Models: 1. Being Hungry...

Well, here's the best example of all, a response to - almost unbelievably - negative comments about her magnificent physique.

And as she prepares for her 2016 season - she calls the shredding process "de-fluff" - she's saying all the right things again. And she seems to be taking continued pleasure in those upper body, pec-focused selfies. Time to get back to these abs and veins, she recently exclaimed on her Instagram next to one of those "gloriously veiny" images of her from late 2015.

She's one of the most beautiful girls in the world, according to one (highly typical) forum post. Quite possibly the most beautiful woman alive, according to another, seducing us with both her physique and her smile. Rachel clearly doesn't need to say all the right things to convince us female muscle heads of her magnificence, yet the fact that she does makes her all the more thrilling.

And nor, on the evidence so far, does she need to succeed in competition to build her (fanboy) fanbase. But we wish her well and sincerely hope that when November 2016 rolls around we'll be talking about Rachel Reid (and her pecs) at the NPC Nationals.

Follow Rachel's de-fluff for 2016 on her Instagram, and if you want to compare Rachel now with Figure Rachel, check out her 2014 IFBB North Americans package on RxMuscle and/or NPC News Online.


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