Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ashley Losee Chooses To Look Like This

Back at the end of January we met the very shredded Melissa Lesage, aka Miss Beast, and (among other things) her wisdom about muscle women and social media.

"If you're a girl who deadlifts and eats carbs you about to get IG stalked so hard"

We pleaded guilty and moved on.

But as Ashley Losee, formerly known as Ashley Sneathen, could confirm, if you're a girl who deadlifts and eats carbs you about to get a ton of IG abuse as well.

Why do all really buff girls look the same? Steroids. Are you a dude or do you just ingest hella testosterone? You are a dude. You look like a man. Ew! Like a girl transitioning to a guy when they take testosterone. She's gonna grow testes. OK, and where is the dick?

And that's just a tiny selection of some of the comments (spelling and grammar corrected*) that Ashley received as she prepared and competed in Figure at the NPC Illinois State Championships recently. In Figure. She was overall champ.

Now before we get on to how Ashley deals with all this IG abuse... When I look at Ashley I see a beautiful muscular woman. Granted, she's more muscular than I expect a Figure competitor, and an NPC Figure competitor at that, to look but nevertheless, not very muscular, you know, a Figure competitor. So, #1, I can't help wondering how those IG abusers of hers (haven't they got anything better to do?) react when they come across, say Isabelle Turell, Alana Shipp, Theresa Ivancik and so on. And #2, when I said she is a beautiful muscular woman, I mean really, she's absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Those eyes! I just cannot comprehend how anyone could look at her, muscles or no, and say she looks, in any way, "like a man".

But, as we've seen, they do. And the fact that so many of them go out of their way to say so is something Ashley and, I expect, every other woman "who deadlifts and eats carbs" and has a social media presence has to deal with.

What I like about Ashley is the class with which she does it.

Shout out to all the people that find the time in their days to call ladies like me "GROSS" or "TOO MUCH", here's another pic of me being manly. The best part is, WE CHOOSE TO LOOK LIKE THIS.

Her capitals.

Shout out to everyone out there, especially the ladies that are putting in work every single day, doing THEIR thing and not giving a shit about what anyone has to say or thinks about them. It makes you just that much more of a bad ass.

Once upon a time Ashley didn't look like she does now. Do the abusers really think she looked better then? Maybe they would be a bit less abusive if they had even an inkling of the work Ashley has had to do to transform her former self into the beautiful muscular woman she is today. Somehow, I doubt it though.

You said you wanted me to look freaky... Well.


Ashley will be at the NPC Jr. Nationals in a little over a month. Join me (and the abusers and her supporters) on her Instagram. For once, I'm not there to stalk. I'm going to correct the spelling and grammar of those who abuse her.

* for example, the original abuse read: "ru a dude or do you just injest hella testosterome". Injest?! No, actually this is VERY serious!

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