Monday, 30 May 2016

Carne Nobre

I like to think I'm slightly ahead of the female muscle appreciation curve, so it's good to be reminded sometimes that in fact, I'm more often than not lagging behind somewhat. I might know a thing or two about the up and coming Brits, but take me out of my safety zone of the English-speaking world, and I'm as ignorant as the next guy(s).

And I was reminded of this when I was sourcing pics for (#24 and top Brazilian) Selma Labat's entry in the Hot and Hard 100 last month and came across these pics on Selma's Instagram.

All three sexy as anything, especially the nameless one in front.

The one in the front. SO freaking hot.

I agreed 100% with the comment posters, and, of course, really really wanted to spend some quality time with and really get to know "the one in front". She even has Selma beat, another poster noted, and that is not easy. My time was limited though, the Hot and Hard 100 posts had to be done. With monk-like self-control I left "the one in front" behind and got on with the job in hand.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I had a quick swoon and got on with the job in hand.

It was to be the first of many.

"The one in front" turned out to be Flores Neide Souza Campos.

She's originally from Uruguay, but I think we should probably count her as a brasileira. She lives in Cotia, São Paulo. She's married - very happily it seems, the man is her trainer - to a Brazilian as well. And she's the 2016 Brazilian NABBA Physique champ (NABBA "Physique", remember, equates to IFBB/NPC "Bodybuilding").

And, as we originally saw, she's very much one of the Gladiadoras de Ferro.

She's been around for four or five years - which doesn't make me feel any less ignorant - since 2012 for sure and in all probability some years before that as well, starting out in Figure - which in NABBA could mean either "Trained" (= "Physique") or "Toned" (= "Figure") - as she is in the pics above.

The dates of the "Figure" pics are hazy, but the above is from 2012.

What a difference four years have made!

And thanks to a general level of ignorance among the brethren comparable to mine, Flores has made a seismic entry into our collective consciousness in recent months. She was a GWM Girl of the Week by a country mile a couple of weeks ago, and - another surefire indicator of serious popularity - her Instagram mini-clips are getting edited into longer compilations.

She's also got the attention of Awefilms, and you can say what you like about their style, but they have always had a talent for spotting the next big thing in the world of female muscle fandom.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel another swoon coming on.



  1. Hottest new FBB! She's stunning. I hope she sticks around for a long time.

  2. Flores ist unglaublich heiß und sexy, hoffentlich wächst sie noch weiter zu einer wahren Muskelgöttin mit wahnsinnigen Deltoidmuskeln und wird, dank ihres Mannes, noch muskulösen und Sexier!!😗😚

  3. I've seen her awefilms video and this is just incredible