Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mo' Single Than You Think

That's just over 90kg.

And in this case, the "me" is Moe, Mmmmmonique Jones.

Now, I've always suspected that this isn't just the stuff of our female muscle fantasies, that if there's a muscular woman in the room - any room - then she gets her pick of the men (or women) (or both). She gets to feed first, as it were. And I find it rather exciting to have that acknowledged by one of the women themselves. Or better yet, not acknowledged, asserted.

Light-hearted as I'm sure this post on her Instagram was, Mmmmmonique claims to stand at a knee-weakening 6'2" in her heels (1.88m in Euros). I bet she sucks the air out of every room she walks, no, swaggers into whether she's got those heels on or not. And those women with a personal best squat of under 200lbs must surely sense that power. Maybe that's why so many women are so negative about muscular women. Maybe that's why so many more women are working on that squat PB these days!

You're about to enter a season of consecutive wins... Mmmmmonique told herself and her Instagram followers recently. Seems to me she is feeling even more assertive than normal right now. Better get yourself a girlfriend if you're in the Moe area. If you are just plain single rather than single by squat PB, the alpha goddess might not see you as a worthwhile challenge. And she'll never sling you over one mighty shoulder and your woman over the other...

Now that really is the stuff of my female muscle fantasies!

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