Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A Fine Vintage


No, it's not a new female muscle memorabilia site where you can bid for Denise Rutkowski's golden posing suit, Tazzie Colomb's Little Kitty hot pants (unwashed) from that SheMuscle video, or the shredded remains of one of many shirts destroyed by Angie or Julie or Annie over the years. Cracking idea though that may be for a revenue stream for the ladies, you'll find Vintage Amazonia on YouTube.

That's hardly breaking news - the channel has been around for over five years now - and I'm sure many of you are already familiar with its focus on 80s/90s muscle from US TV that, as well as contests, includes FBB talk show appearances, American Gladiator profiles, and (its earliest posts) the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman.

Lots to enjoy, and there are also unique clips - the edits of a number of routines by individual women spread over a period of their competitive career. Sue Price 1990-95, for example - well worth eleven and a half minutes of your female muscle lovin' time - though my personal fave has got to be the Suzan Kaminga 1993-95 collection.

Feel the heat!

The channel's trend now seems to be very occasional posting but as the clips have been entire ESPN broadcasts of national level shows from the 90s, each is a real event.

These were still days of shredded-to-the-bone competitors, all oil and striations, presenting their beautiful bodies with the kind of erotic artistry so rare nowadays in posing suits that left a lot less to the imagination than contemporary ones do.

Just last week I enjoyed the 1994 NPC Nationals with a couple of like-mindeds, and we were all, you might say, completely blown away. Michelle Ralabate, Clifta Coulter, Peggy Schoolcraft - just three of the swoons in the Lightweight class alone!

Trust me (and I am 100% certain my like-minded friends would say the same thing) if you haven't done so already, you really should make time for Vintage Amazonia.


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