Thursday, 15 February 2018

A Passionate Man

Everything I want. Everything I dream about.

No, this is not me coming out on the side of the "enhanced" in the eternal chest debate, but rather the title of, in my opinion at least, one of the very few female muscle focused blogs on Tumblr actually worth following. I love women with implants, I love women with muscles, explains its author. I love women with implants and muscles.
Christi [Wolf], the first real bimbo-FBB. Glammed up, big hair, drag queen make-up, stripper heels and slutty clothes, but then big hard muscles and big fake tits. That WPW spread from 84,365,423 years ago — game changer.

Your average FBB fan Tumblr is hardly worth the storage space it takes up. Same old photos, reblogged over and over with the same old comments, if indeed there is any comment at all. I may not like everything Implants and Muscles posts, and I may not agree with everything he says, but at least he says it in a unique, original voice. He's thought-provoking, he's entertaining. At least he says something different.
So much ass muscle. Clydesdale of a woman.

I appreciate and admire his (more often than not brutal) honesty. I appreciate and respect his knowledge of Female Bodybuilders past and present. And I appreciate his humour - he's the only female muscle blogger who's made me actually laugh out loud. But above all, (and, despite the title, this is not exclusively reserved for the enhanced muscular woman) I recognise his burning, uncontrollable passion for female muscle.
If you were mine and I was around you all the time, I’d permanently be hard. I could never not be hard when you’re around. You could test it whenever you wanted. We could be out walking around and all you’d have to do is rub your hand down there and I guarantee you’d feel a lead pipe in there with your name on it. Is that what you want? Is that something you desire? Do you want your man’s cock to be constantly rock hard for you, throbbing for you? Do you want your man to be edging for you 24 hours a day because that’s what I offer. I’d live for you. All the blood would go to my cock, but if you were mine I know I’d never die cos I’d already be in heaven.

This passion manifests itself in gushing, heartfelt professions of undying love like that for Isabelle Turell above, but also a very real cam addiction. 30 minutes and $300 later... now my balls feel almost as empty as my heart, he confessed on February 5th. And then, just a few days ago, another howl of anguish after the pleasure. And now another $100... Why do I spend money on it when I can get off for free. Fuk!
Just look at how well her body responded to the drugs. Look at how buff they made her. It’s incredible. She, herself looks amazed. You know how hard it is to develop pecs like that!

I know full well the pleasure, and pain, of such splurging. And the short answer to his "Why do I do it?" question is that it really isn't quite like anything else. The high is very addictive, but for me, in the end, the self-loathing won out - not long before I started on this blog, probably not coincidentally. Perhaps Implants and Muscles needs another outlet for his talents to let go of that particular habit? Worked for me!
At the gym. Look over and see this woman taking a selfie of her injection points on her arm. Cock grows right out of your shorts and exceeds your typical length by several inches. You start spewing cum like a fire hose. You’ve found your soulmate.

Perhaps he just needs to find his?

As well as the "injection points"(!), she'll need a sense of humour...
"Hey! My eyes are up here! Hey-I’m talking to you! Hello? (Ergh!) Why do you always do this? Why must you always stare at my crotch, huh? I mean, even when we’re in public, I look over and you’re staring directly at my fucking crotch. I admit, at first it was kind of sexy—you had never seen a cock get this big and you would just go to town on me for hours, but now I think you’re seriously obsessed with my dick, like you have an actual problem and it’s not funny anymore! It’s like you don’t even want me anymore, you just want my penis."

Implants and Muscles on Tumblr

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