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2018 Hot and Hard 100 Countdown: 100-81

Here we go again! Welcome to our fifth annual Hot and Hard 100 countdown.

Thanks to all who voted. Once again you have collectively come up with an absolutely corking selection of female muscle. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

The 2018 FMS HOT AND HARD 100

NPC Figure competitor

It's not difficult to see why Ashlee has over 40,000 Instagram followers and an ever-growing fanbase among the brethren - or at least among the ones who aren't averse to a bit of NPC Figure with a Cameron Diaz vibe thrown in. She hasn't competed since 2015 (as far as we know), but this hasn't stopped her star rising though - photoshoots, appearances in "Figure Goddess of the Year" polls, that sort of thing. And she's not getting any less good-looking, is she? Nor are those arms getting any smaller.

IFBB Figure Pro

Romania's first ever Figure pro makes your list for the second year running. She didn't (again, as far as we know) compete in 2017, but was apparently hard at work making the improvements she needs to make to mix it with the Figure elite in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future. See if you can guess which muscles she's most famous for...

2017 & 2018 Ms Figure International, 2017 Arnold Australia Figure Champion

Hard to believe this is Candice's first appearance in the Hot and Hard 100. She was resurgent in 2017 after a couple of leaner years when she found herself overshadowed by Latorya Watts and (latterly) Cydney Gillon at the biggest shows in the Figure calendar. Most recently she regained her Figure International title at the Arnolds and will surely be gunning for the Olympia - which she's never won - this year.

97 *****
Muscle Nut

Suzy, who had never previously been outside the top 20, may have only just sneaked in this year, but she's the first of our five-star ladies - when you see the gold stars you are about to experience one of the eighteen women who have appeared in all five FMS Hot and Hard 100 lists. Respect is therefore due. These days she largely caters for the needs of her fee-paying fanbase, but clearly finds pumping her still considerable muscles up as erotic as ever. Still as mad as a balloon too. In a good way, obviously.

2017 IFBB Chicago Pro Physique Champion

On the one hand, failing to retain her 2016 Physique International title or to improve her Olympia placing could indicate 2017 was a bit of a downer for Autumn. On the other, she won another title in Chicago, and looked absolutely stunning both there and at the Olympia. And there was also that memorable wardrobe malfunction... Anyway, you've voted to put Autumn back in the Hot and Hard 100. Cory Everson became a legend with less, one voter (perhaps controversially) pointed out. She always looks stunning when she diets down for a contest, noted another. No arguments there.

IFBB Physique Competitor

So "totally hot" as one voter put it, Julia has never quite lived up to the promise her stunning looks and Amazonian frame suggest, at least not consistently in competition. Perhaps as a result of that, she tumbles almost eighty places down your list this year. Still, those who did vote for her tended to place her high on their list. I'd love her arms around me, mused one of the more devoted Julia fans. She's a gorgeous lady.

4 x Ms Figure Olympia

Nicole rarely places in the top 3 at the Olympias and Arnolds anymore but nor does she ever seem to place outside the top 4. The competition got so much fiercer than it was when she ruled the Figure world, but 2017 was yet another year of consistency from the woman who could reasonably claim to have made her division what it is today. She never disappoints, one fan told us. Never seems to age much either.

IFBB Physique Pro

Most of what I've seen this year of Tish has involved grainy footage of her cam shows in which she thrills with all her legendary pec flexing skills. She hasn't competed for years now. Doubt very much she is still an elementary school teacher either. A quick perusal of her Instagram suggests she misses neither of these things very much.

IFBB Physique Pro

As a self-confessed "Pinderette", I can't help feeling a little disappointed with Jamie's placing on your list this time around. For my money, she's one of the most beautiful and sexy women in Physique (a division not short of beautiful and sexy women by any means). At least some of you agree with me though. Jamie is gorgeous, swooned one FMS reader this year. I love her, confided another. Yeah? Well I saw her first!

Fierce Inferno

There's not many other former stars of Muscle Elegance magazine who are still making your list. In fact, apart from Lindsay, there's not any, which speaks volumes for her enduring appeal. She's a real sweetheart, very generous with her time when it comes to her (many) fans. She puts her longevity down to "years of consistent hard work", her goal "to stay feminine, and be ALL BICEPS and ALL WOMAN" [her caps]. For some reason when I don’t wear a jacket and I have the guns cocked 'n' loaded people act differently, says Lindsay. Or when I wear a tight shirt and you can see my shape... Now, I cannot for the life of me imagine why that would be. Any ideas fellas?

Cake of Beef

What we know about Kristen Nun - and I'm not just talking about FMS, but the wider collective "we" - is limited. We know that gym's in Kansas, and that she usually wears vests and caps that are black. Some diligent research by the FMS team has, however, shown that she also owns other vests that are purple, grey, white, and even pink! Such mystery hasn't stopped (perhaps it's encouraged) the fascination the female muscle lovin' brethren have quickly developed for this undeniable meat feast for the eyes. Rumours she wears her cap the right way round on occasion are unconfirmed.

IFBB Physique Pro

After winning multiple titles and her pro card in 2016, last year was a lot more low key for Anastasia. She got a nose ring done (OK, but didn't do much to enhance her Greek goddess looks)... And that's about the only exciting thing I can remember! Recent evidence suggests her 2018 will find her back on stage. I certainly hope so anyway.

Curvy Muscle Sensation

The curvy muscle sensation got ripped for a contest in Germany at the end of 2017. She looked amazing in an entirely amateur, ie. not especially ripped way, had to compete against Elena Shportun (who knows what she was doing at a regional contest in Germany?!), and took 2nd place. Yes, I'm an alien, she told her Instagram followers as veins started popping out of her forearms before the contest. She seems like a lady who loves attention, says one of our voters. No shit Sherlock!

Muscle & Ink

Our fourth new entry today is a woman I knew of, but next to nothing about. For example, I didn't even know where she was from. I thought she'd only worked (a couple of years ago now) with MuscleGirlWorld (assessing different tops for their ability to contain her rightly renowned biceps is a personal fave). Now I know she's more recently worked with HerBiceps and there are images of video of her with Lauren Martin Stow. I've also learned that she's not always platinum blond. And that she has competed in the past and plans to compete again this year. You lovely voters may or may not know any more or less than me about her, but you do know what you like, and for many of you, Mandy is it. What a lady! exclaimed one next to his vote for her.

86 *****
IFBB Physique Pro

The second of our eighteen five-star ladies is the "ageless" Katka, no longer the dark-haired Bodybuilder she was when we first compiled the Hot ad Hard 100, no longer a very active Physique competitor either, but still making your list nonetheless. These days it's the training of others that takes up most of her time, her own training more a combination of Crossfit and Powerlifting, but Katka remains "endlessly fascinating" in one voter's words. Her eyes are so beautiful no matter what size her muscles are.

Fitness Model, Online Coach

A bit of a log-jam in this part of the Hot and Hard 100 with Spanish stunner Patricia Alamo the first of five women tied for 81st place. Her modelling work seems to take her all over - as befits a woman with nearly 400,000 Instagram followers - but she's based in Madrid, at the very important-sounding Europolis Sport Center. I think I might have to make a pilgrimage there next time I'm in Madrid, one of my favourite cities not just in Europe, but the whole world. Knowing I might run into Patricia in gym wear FMS very much approves of only makes it a more attractive destination.

81= *****
Spectacular Bum

Our third five-star lady is, of course, much more than the sum of those epic glutes (heart-shaped, appropriately!). A former lawyer, lest we forget, she's (probably) as smart as she is sexy. And pleasingly, she has developed more and more muscle as she's become more and more famous (a whopping six million follow her on Instagram).

WFF Figure Champion

From time to time the largely ignored the World Fitness Federation throws up a woman the female muscle lovin' brethren go collectively doolally for, and in 2017, that woman was the Kiwi BJ (no punctuation, apparently) Brunton. We've avoided the temptation here but shredded, sweaty and topless is how she generally likes to present herself, which may go some way to explaining our collective descent into full swoonspin. Unsurprisingly, she's been very successful in the WFF Figure world.

IFBB Physique Pro

A first appearance on your list for the sultry Melissa and her "unreal shoulders". Well-deserved too because she really has developed spectacularly over the last few years, and in 2017 a second consecutive Olympia appearance cemented her place among the Physique elite. She's not especially shy about showing off her "mega sexy body" (as one voter put it) either, which is probably why she's gained so many new and devoted fans over the last year or so as well. And she's got brains - a software engineer no less.

NPC Figure Competitor

One of my new crushes for this year, an old friend of the blog revealed with his votes, and enough of you felt the same to give Victoria her Hot and Hard 100 debut. I'm pretty sure none of you are NPC judges, because, rather bizarrely, she didn't even place at the Nationals last year. Probably that old chestnut "too much muscle".

And that, my friends, is your first 20.

Hot and hard enough for you so far? Tune in WEDNESDAY for the continuation.

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