Saturday, 10 March 2018

Gaby Quiros: Like the Sun

The one and only time we've featured Costa Rica's Gabriela "Gaby" Quiros Rodriguez on the blog previously was in all her naked glory as one of our Sunday Sizzlers. It left us more than impressed enough to keep a very close eye on this "Warrior Mum", and it's the fruits of our "Gaby Watch" that we bring you today.

The big news is that Gaby has won the Physique class at the Olympia Amateur South America, held in Medellin, Colombia in the middle of last month. It wasn't the biggest field, she only had to beat three other women, but didn't she look good doing it?!

With it, she took her place among the IFBB pro ranks. And very happy she was about it too. This medal goes to Costa Rica, she wrote. And to those who believed in and supported me. Dreams come true if you want and work for them with all your heart.

The minion assigned to Gaby Watch believes she puts everything - "to the last drop" as she says it - into it her work, and he's made us believers too. Since around the time of that previously posted racy photo, Gaby has been hard at it sculpting her (already delicious) body into a physique that is nothing short of volcano interior hot.

Size, definition, the naturally "100% Latina" complexion...

We have not been the only ones who've noticed. Beautiful face, beautiful smile, and a perfect body, says one forum poster. Women like Gaby are like the sun - you don't want to stare too long for risk of going blind! Our Gaby Watch minion would probably concur. If only he could still read text in such less than super-sized font.

Her rise to prominence as both a competitor and a new darling of the fansites could well be good news for opticians all over, in fact. Consider yourself warned.

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