Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunday Sizzler

The sizzle returns to your Sunday...


This photo has caused a bit of chat this week. Posted on "dessert shop owner" Erica Cordie's Instagram with an invitation to "caption this shot for me", on the one hand, Hello Hot Beef (good name!) on Tumblr reckoned that "Amazonian Queen Erica Cordie has reclaimed her throne with a single photo", while on the other, on the forum whose first rule is... this: Are we sure it's her and not someone else?

OK, fella, are you paying attention?

What you do is go to Erica's Instagram and find the post. Then, you look at the comments and see that she has credited the "awesome" @gwburnsphotography. Click on that link and you go to his Instagram. Find the photo there - you don't have to scroll down very far - and you see this: "The incredible physique of @erica.cordie".

Unless he's lying too...

Erica probably wishes she hadn't asked for the caption. Suggestions range from the illiterate: Your fucking sexy pls can I sex you baby. To the illiterater: I wonder get laid with you, maybe you broke my d**k! (Thank the Lord he starred out the middle of the dick word. It would have been so rude otherwise). To the illiteratest: When you say you're going midevil on her ass... and she come out like this. (So that's why Midevil European history was always a bit of a struggle for me - I was spelling it wrong).

The life of a Female Bodybuilder...

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