Sunday, 11 March 2018

Hall of Fame #8

Michelle Baker in a purple dress by HerBiceps; the Abs & Thigh pose; the beautiful rears of Sophie Duquette and Debbie Muggli, as shot by Awefilms and Bill Dobbins respectively (and both C. Moore Glootz nominated); Christina Rhodes hulking out of an orange dress; Juliette Bergmann in a see-through top on a sofa; and Bernie Price at the 1990 NABBA Universe, nipple out after a wardrobe malfunction.

These are the (seven) exhibits to date in the (entirely virtual but you never know) FMS Hall of Fame, a series so in need of resurrection we'd almost forgotten it was dead.

We've gone back to the "original" format of a numbered entry and a single photo set we consider outstanding (though this is no way should be taken to mean that's the only type of thing we're looking to induct) - and chosen Heather Lee by WPW/Ray Martin.

We noted on Wednesday that we thought a series of posts for the "Underrated of the Female Muscle Past" was in order, and Heather could have slipped very nicely in there, but in the end felt she was more deserving of a place in The FMS Hall of Fame.

Remember Heather Lee? Such a popular woman in her early noughties pomp, she was, with her website and multiple racy photo sets, quite the pioneering self-sufficient muscle babe. A sort of naughty Cindy Phillips before Cindy Phillips, and an online media darling whose popularity far exceeded her competitive achievements before social media made such a profile commonplace.

But having made that decision, we were now faced with the task of selecting which of her countless photo sets would make it. There was a suggestion we should just put her entire oeuvre in, but to be honest I'm not as keen on some of her off-season shoots nor her work with HerBiceps - don't get me wrong, they are great, but they're just not quite as great as, for example, much of the stuff she did with Reg Bradford.

In the end I plumped for the very first images I saw of her, and that's mainly because I can recall very vividly the when and the where I first saw them and the rush of excitement Heather's own unique brand of muscular sex appeal had on me.

In those days the kind of affordable internet access I enjoy now was beyond my wildest dreams, but there was plenty of internet at work. Night after night I would stay at my desk until everyone else in the office had left - I didn't have to wait long, we weren't the hardest working team in show business - before using the (super speedy for the time as no one else was using it) office web service for my own personal pleasure. Invariably this started with a search of WPW samples, the best of which I would then print (in colour - I spared no office expense). And you can probably guess what followed.

These images of Heather were among my most treasured at that time, or perhaps "most used" would be a more accurate way of describing them. She was impossibly blond, impossibly beautiful (as I still believed at that time only American women could be). I loved her below-navel tattoo, her smile, her tan, and most of all, her muscles.

Sadly, I have not been able to find (in the FMS archives or elsewhere) the original images, so these three heavily-cropped versions will have to do. In the end, I actually scored points with the management for consistently working over my contracted hours and got a pay rise out of all my late night female muscle lovin' shenanigans.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Heather, and thank you!

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