Friday, 9 March 2018

The Adventures of Miss Fit

At the beginning of February, a review of Denise Masino's documentary The Adventures of Miss Fit popped into the FMS inbox. Ah! we thought, finally it's available to watch. Good on Denise! And then we read the review...

It came as some surprise that the film was actually released in 2016. We don't pay as much attention to what Denise (and her bits) are up to as we used to, but we'd really missed the boat on this one. It had done the film festival rounds that year, and done rather well considering. Official Selection at Berlin (prestige!), "Most Inspiring Documentary" award at Atlanta Docufest, and Best Documentary Feature at IndieFEST, to name but three of the film's achievements. It's been available for some time!

The review isn't especially complimentary - 4/10 (boo!) - but for a female muscle fan, the idea of watching Denise doing pretty much anything has appeal, and at least some of the film is more about her own background as it is about the "real-life superheroes" who provided the inspiration for it, making it even more interesting for us.

Directed by Gregg R. Simpson, who previously made Denise's 2005 horror Blood + Kisses (who knew?!), the second half of the film is, apparently, taken up with Denise's own creation - the "Miss Fit" of the title - joining forces with the other real-life superheroes to put on a 5km charity run to raise money for a hospital specialising in child cancer treatment. Incidentally, Denise recently announced she'll be doing the the run this year as well - and the link for donations is in her Instagram bio.
"I promised you mud" - the first charity run in aid of St. Jude's Hospital

We've been saying throughout the life of this blog that "La Masino" is a lot more than the sum of her bits (not that we mind that stuff or anything, we just think some appreciation of Denise the competitor and Denise the entrepreneur was and still is in order), and the making, promotion, and cause of this film only make us more convinced of that. Check out the film's website for buy or rent details.

Despite the snooty (and tardy) review, it's rated a whopping 4.9/5 on Amazon!

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