Monday, 14 May 2018

Marvelous Monday

Apologies for the lateness of today's post. What was originally planned still needs a bit of work, however we think you will find its substitute more than satisfactory...

Q: What happens to former FBB champions after they retire?

During our Hot and Hard 100 countdown this year, we noted that in Margie Martin's (relatively recently retired) case the answer to that question is keep working her body so well that she has "forum posters eagerly anticipating her comeback".

And her most recent Instagram posts (from this last weekend) don't so much add fuel to that fire as detach an oil pipe from its moorings and divert it straight into the flames.

Happy Mother’s Day Battle Rope Pump! she informs her followers. Ooh la la!

Soooo gooood!!!! you are probably thinking (if you are actually capable of "thought" on that level right now, higher brain functions liable to be temporarily disabled as you reach below the table and all...). If only she'd made a video of that...

Well, she did!

Because the pump was to sick I had to show it off sommore, she writes.

Not a long clip by any means, but... Ooh la la!

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