Friday, 4 May 2018

One-Armed Wonders: A Legend Is Back (In the Gym)

Not bad for 6 weeks of training, and being retired from competing (no training for 10 months and I am 51!). Ready for clients soon - figured I should start before the clients.

51 or not, with one flex of her mighty bicep, she looks just like her old self.

Tampa in 2012 was the last time we saw her "stuff of legends" biceps flexed on stage, the end of a five-year pro career. After first competing in the late 1990s, she won her pro card in 2007 at the Masters Nationals. She went to just one Olympia, and had just one top 3 pro finish in her 12 pro shows. Looks to me as if - at 51 - she might, in this much less competitive time for FBBs, do rather better if she wanted to put on the suit again.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. As amazing as she looks, all 51-year-old Debbie Bramwell is for now is back in the gym, news which, quite by coincidence, we learned at a time we were planning a week of biceps. Time to get into the archives...

We found that Debbie must have been one of the more photographed women of her time. Back in those days we had money to burn on memberships, so the Debbie archive bulges like the peaks on her "wide and long" biceps, all dazzling smile, luscious hair and hard, muscular, vascular and darkly-tanned physique in lingerie, in posing suits, in string bikinis, and (personal faves) in heels and a variety of sexy, revealing dresses.

She really was photographed by them all, from Awefilms to the Valkyrie, from HerBiceps to Muscle Angels via WPW, FT Video, and Tom Nine. Dan Ray and Bill Dobbins both shot her multiple times, and her career coincided with the boom in free contest pictures, so we've literally got hundreds of those to treasure as well.

With her hairstylist background and sculpted physique, she embodied her own take on the appeal of the muscular female body. I personally feel that women bodybuilders are the sexiest woman, Debbie said in 2009. Nothing like a shapely, strong physique and beautiful lines. What's more feminine than that? Fans never seemed to get tired of her. Even last year she was still getting Hot and Hard 100 votes, a testament to her enduring appeal despite the fact that the surgeon responsible for the last phase of her enhancements was (and probably still is) top of every female muscle fans blacklist.

From the first time you see those biceps flex, you're sold. So thick and long, with their beautiful rising peaks. The hard ball of vascular muscle in her forearm, her meaty, bulbous tricep almost mirroring its more famous cousin below. And that vein, that cord-like vein running along the base of her bicep and into her muscle pit...

Anyone who knows the sport knows your arms are among the best, Promoting Real Women put it to her in 2010. Would you consider them your best feature? They certainly aren't the biggest out there, she replied. But they do have a unique shape.

Debbie Bramwell, still fabulous at 51. Check out her Instagram for more, and while it's still up (can't believe it's lasted this long) you can also check out her legendary She Muscle arm training clip here. On top of everything else, that sexy, sexy voice!


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