Saturday, 5 May 2018

One-Armed Wonders: Our Time Has Come

Our selection of wonders today comes with a story FMS found at the start of April. It's a story that, as an enlightened female muscle head who likes nothing more than the thought of being surrounded by strong sexy women, I honestly couldn't believe at first. Further research, however, has strongly suggested that there are plenty of men out there who don't want their significant others to lift weights and build muscle.

For real - read the previous sentence again if you have to.

Here's Teisha Cloos' story...

I was dumped because I lifted more weights than my boyfriend

Already it's hard to believe, no? Read on, you won't believe this douchebag's attitude.

Relationships end for all different reasons, writes Aussie Teisha. You could grow apart, fall out of love, or find someone else. For me, I was dumped because I "lifted too much". Seriously. The last message I received from my ex was, "It’s really off-putting that you lift more than me. Maybe you’ll be suited to someone else".

Any candidates? Teisha's in the Sydney area, I believe.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a guy I was dating comment on the fact that I should stop weight training. And I’m sure there are other women who have been dumped, turned down or encouraged to not weight train because they will start looking "like a man". I started to feel self-conscious about the fact that I was a strong woman. It made me feel as if I could only date a certain demographic of men who also lifted to make sure that I was always the weaker person.

My ex saw the gym as a place for women to run for hours while leaving the weights room to the boys. I made the mistake of changing my workout to impress him. I stopped lifting heavy for months and it really impacted my mental health.

The damage these eejits can do!

I’m in no way a power lifter. I’ve just always been an athletic person and I eventually fell in love with weight training, she says. For me, the gym is a place where I can focus on myself and make my body into a stronger, healthier vessel. And so, she tells her (mostly female) readers, if you love the gym and lifting weights, you keep doing you. Don’t let anyone (especially a significant other) tell you otherwise.


And there is a happy ending.

After this relationship ended, I ended up dating a long-term boyfriend who became my first real love. It was a relationship where he encouraged me to keep fit in the ways I loved to. He even came to me for lifting advice when he was unsure about certain workouts for muscle groups. That’s the kind of person you want to date.

Now this is clearly good news for us, my female muscle lovin' brethren. You may not be about to have Anna Smith (above) or Mihaela Caiuteanu (below) or indeed any of the women whose beautiful muscles illustrate today's post fall at your feet when rejected by their muscle-hating boyfriend, but as the number of women lifting for muscle gains grows ever higher, the odds of you (I'm taken) finding love among the free weights get better and better - "Finally a guy who's not intimidated by my power!"

Read Teisha's article in full on

Our time has come, my friends!

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