Saturday, 26 May 2018

Megan Elizabeth @NPC Jr. USAs

I thought she was looking amazing in the lead up to the show. And actually, so did she.

Anyone can slap on a sexy outfit and feel like a million bucks, but very few people feel beautiful in nothing but the skin they are in, she wrote. I built this body and I will show it off as much as I damn well please. Favorite look and hairstyle to date. Best physique to date. I'm feeling more beautiful and satisfied than ever before.

Clearly, Megan Elizabeth Colvin would be taking to the Jr. USAs stage as relaxed and confident with the package she was bringing as any. Let's go out and have some FUNNN! she suggested to her WPD sisters, showing off her abs after checking in.

I thought she'd been looking amazing in the lead up to the show, but seeing her glammed and tanned and having that funnn on stage took my breath away (quite literally), the swoonometer up to 11, and the best part of two hours out of my day!

I find myself stuck on these images again now, days after I first saw them. She is, before we even get onto the muscles, absolutely gorgeous, and - though I'm well-aware there are those who disagree - for me the "wild child" styling (the funky hair, the piercings, the tats) accentuate her beauty even more. I don't adore muscle women because I go for the mainstream look; Megan's "alternativeness" is very much part of her appeal. But mostly it's about the muscles. The "melon delts" and the "thick, meaty pecs" that many other forum heads have drooled over, but top to toe Megan's made herself so hard and thick now that quite frankly I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to look.

Megan won her class, of course she did - despite no little competition from outstanding amateur Physique competitors like Tia Douglass and Ashley Bowman, and though she didn't, in the end, win the Overall (which was awarded to Emily Schubert, as we saw on Tuesday), 2nd Overall bagged Megan the other pro card that was on offer.

Two very different physiques, and two very different looks, but if Emily and Megan represent the future of Physique, I'd say the division has a very sexy future indeed.

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