Thursday, 10 May 2018

Woman of the Week: Ayme, Ayme, Ayme

Remember Ayme De Oliveira, the bodybuilding flight attendant ("my passengers don't notice my muscles") whose story went global in late 2016? Of course you do. The rest of the world might have forgotten about her (as predicted by FMS at the time) but the female muscle lovin' fan community - who had cottoned on to this Essex girl's charms long before the mainstream media did - certainly hasn't. Sexy, glamorous, feminine and with proper muscles (especially her yummy abs) - how could we?

Lately though, she's been getting much more than her fair share of attention as she prepares for her next contest (and first in a while I believe), a PCA show within the Bodypower Expo this weekend. Her (always well-stocked) Instagram has become essential daily viewing for at least the last month and a half. Ayme is quite the muscle exhibitionist, which is quite understandable given she's got so much to flaunt.

Look at her choice of outfit here. That body in that outfit just obliterates everything else in the room. Her companion, colleague and fellow fitness fanatic "rachaelfitfly" must be a game girl to walk around all night being virtually invisible next to Ayme. You didn't notice her?! OK, just look to the right of Ayme... You can do it, just take your eyes off Ayme and go right a bit... See her now? There she is... Oh I give up.

What's perhaps even more impressive even than her ability to make other women just disappear, even more impressive than Ayme in what she reckons is the best condition of her life, is the fact that she has achieved such great condition while still working long-haul flights to the US - currently Orlando and Las Vegas in case you are thinking about booking a flight on the airline where the flight attendants wear red. Defo gonna rip this jacket, warns Ayme. Seeing that first hand really would be "Economy Delight".

So while her veins and striations have started to crisscross her gorgeous muscles, Ayme has been crisscrossing the Atlantic on a regular basis. Prep is hard enough without a job like hers, but the last thing she's doing is complaining. I chose the career I wanted, she says, I chose the physique I desired and I worked. And she's now working harder than ever if the results of this prep are anything to go by.

One big plus of regularly drying out a bit while in the air, however, are what she calls her "landing shreds". And of course with Ayme can't help herself sharing them with us!

I mean it in a good way, explained one forum poster recently. This woman is a freak. She is cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic and she has a young child AND she still manages to maintain this physique. Note that Ayme isn't just "maintaining", she's actually improving, but yes, she is absolutely astonishing, isn't she? Just so... ALPHA!

Can't wait to feed my muscles buckets of carbs, said Ayme this week *feeling flat". It fascinates me how they react. I can't wait to see how she looks on stage this weekend. And I dare say this muscle beauty will cause a fair few reactions in the audience.

Ayme on Instagram


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