Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tube Watch

Seems like not very long since our last round-up of recent YouTube clips, but we've certainly collected more than enough to fill another post, so, we thought, why not?


The girl can't help it! I do especially like the way our worshipper loses the ability to finish even the most basic sentences, and, finally, the ability to articulate words.

It's sort of comforting to know that The Madness can strike the ladies just as much as it can us fellas, although I'm more than a little jealous of how much more physical access (and free physical access at that) a woman going ga-ga over a muscle woman can get!

See also: IFBB Physique pro Sarah-Aude Salbot getting felt up by a female admirer this time last year in Miami (where - in my head - women like Sarah-Aude walking down the street wearing not very much are such a common sight the locals are immune).


In the normal scheme of things, MuscleSportTV is not an essential watch, but one of its shows - the imaginatively named Gregg & Joe TV - hosted by Gregg (Valentino) and Joe (Pietaro) turned out to be more interesting than most. Gregg and Joe interview "Big Daddy" Chris, a New Yorker and session regular. It's a tad cruder than I would ideally like it to be, but once I had suppressed my inner prude, I found it mighty refreshing.

The interview starts at 6.52

This may not the most respectful discussion of the topic, but I like how unapologetic Chris is, his disdain for the "schmoe" label, and his love of FBBs at their most vascular, when they look like "a GPS road map", as he puts it. The fact that Joe also confesses to being a female muscle head as well but only pleasuring himself and being (rightly) jealous of Chris' experiences is another aspect of the piece I can identify with!

From the gutter to the ballet we go (perhaps feeling we need to restore FMS' highbrow credentials at this point) [you're more deluded than I thought - ed.] with Oksana Grishina going back to her conservatory roots for a collaboration with Boris Ivanov (pianist and co-director) and Konstantin Frolov. The music is not the greatest, and there's far too much fading to Boris for my liking, but there's no denying how impressive Oksana is. The 10 or so seconds after the 1.54 mark is truly breathtaking.

The error in the title (for the benefit of our non-English-speaking readers: men is plural, One Man's Dream would be correct) may, for all I know, be entirely deliberate. Perhaps the filmmakers are commenting on the fact that what we think are our individual muscle woman fantasies are actually shared collective fantasies.

Or something.


Best Muscle Video continues to delight with its edits of individual women, both amateur and professional, at recent shows. Our pick of the recent amateur bunch are the very watchable Gisselle Cole (Figure) and Chrissy Cuellar (Physique).

Meanwhile, they have started (I hope there will be more) to put up footage from the St. Louis Pro this year, with veteran FBB turned Physique Master Candice Carr and the gorgeous Katie Lee already ready to view. Our pick of the pros from that show and from the channel recently though is Krista Dunn. Make it past the abs and thigh at 2.40 and you will have lasted longer than me [that's "highbrow"?! - ed.]

For more Euro-centric delights, Lara Tasharofi, the Austrian winner of this year's NABBA Slovakia, gives quite the glute-show, but Body-Xtreme's coverage of the Physique class at the recent German Championships is truly essential viewing. Despite their jobs depending on it, the Research Department haven't yet been able to identify the last of the posers (or indeed any of them) but whoever she is, she is very special.


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