Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting Bigger All the Time: Kristine Mele @NPC Nationals 2013

There are times when I check out the photo galleries of a recent contest, and I come across a competitor and think to myself, 'Why on earth have I never heard of her before?' Checking the contest galleries for the 2013 NPC Nationals, I had just such a moment when I came across the woman who finished 3rd in the heavyweight class.

Her name: Kristine Mele.
Kristine preparing for the 2013 Nationals

I really have no excuse for not knowing about this Florida muscle mom, she's been around since 2010. And it's good to know, in these dark times when barely a week goes by without news of yet another of your favourite bodybuilders 'switching down' to physique, there is a woman very much going in the opposite direction. Since her contest debut (as far as I know) in 2010, Kristine has been getting bigger all the time.

Firstly, as a figure competitor she won a local show in Florida and at the 2010 NPC Europa Show of Champions (top left) came 6th in both the 'medium' and 'masters 30+' classes. By the following year she was finishing 16th as a physique competitor at the Jr USAs (top right), and also competed as middleweight bodybuilder at the Nationals. Onwards and upwards, and last year she finished 3rd (behind winner Kira Neuman and runner-up Karen Choat) at the Nationals (bottom left), this time as a light-heavy. And this year, bigger and better still, 3rd place again (bottom right), now a heavyweight.

The body she brought to the Nationals this year has made quite an impression, and not just on yer man Swell here. A much more qualified commentator than I was blown away with Kristine as she came on stage in Fort Lauderdale. HOLY SHIT! She looks nuts. Not missing any bodyparts. Great quad shot. Side tricep nice. Good back shots. Hams and glutes could still be a hair tighter but she looks amazing! Personally, I think her delts are her best bits but what do I know? And big blue eyes too!

Kristine, who is based in Orlando, describes herself as a wife, mother & full-time Bad Ass! Of her experience at the Nationals she is proud to have stood massive shoulder to massive shoulder next to some amazing competitors. Now, better late than never, she is well and truly on the FMS radar, we'll be keeping a very close eye on the very very gorgeous Kristine as her bigger and better journey continues.

You might like to keep an eye on her too. Kristine is on Facebook and Instagram.



  1. Thanks slave for the amazing Kristine Mele. No doubt this is her best condition ever. Every inch of her muscles is a living orgasm. Couldn't believe admiring this muscle mom has created really STICKY results. She is welCUM in El Mariachi's world.