Sunday, 15 December 2013

Inspired by... Aiden

It's always nice to know that someone is reading my musings, and even nicer when they actually bother to share their thoughts and/or reach out a mutually female muscle appreciating hand. So, this week on FMS, for some of the lovely readers who have been in touch (whether by email or the comment box), a whole post inspired by them as a way of saying thank you for supporting the blog.

I hope they, and you, will enjoy them.

Back in June, Aiden became FMS' first (and so far only) Guest Editor and introduced us to his favourite Crossfit women. His love of muscular women started first emerged when 'finding female athletes beguiling when I was about 10 years old,' he told us, so we'll kick off today with a few 'athletes'...
Britian's Shelley Rudman, Skeleton World Champion
Snow (which clearly does wonders for the legs) and surf
Can Aiden have his bike back, please?

After the athletes came the female bodybuilders, as Aiden, like so many of us, 'plucked up the courage to buy the magazines'. (Read more about the newsagent's here)

So, as another thank you to Aiden for his outstanding contribution to FMS this year, some selections with him in mind...
'Compact and thick'

We certainly haven't forgotten that way back in January, Aiden described the magnificent Jamie Pinder as 'fucking glorious'...
Jamie winning the Physique class at the Chicago Pro this year
And competing at the Olympia (12th, really?!)

Glorious indeed.

But we couldn't do a post for Aiden without his number 1.

'She is a very appealing woman, attractive, amusing, great body and the crowning glory, she knows how good she looks and she likes showing it off.'
Miranda thinks 'that guy who wrote all that cool stuff about me on that blog... I wish there was some way that I could thank him...'

Just another normal night in Miranda's hotel room
Something like Aiden's idea of heaven?

Thanks again Aiden, hope you enjoyed today's post, a Merry Christmas to you, and may all the women you meet in 2014 be 'compact and thick'!

Miranda shows her power (with Emily Friedman)

Enjoy! Another reader inspired post coming tomorrow...

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