Saturday, 14 December 2013

Inspired by... Anonymoouse

It's always nice to know that someone is reading my musings, and even nicer when they actually bother to share their thoughts and/or reach out a mutually female muscle appreciating hand. So, this week on FMS, for some of the lovely readers who have been in touch (whether by email or the comment box), a whole post inspired by them as a way of saying thank you for supporting the blog.

I hope they, and you, will enjoy them.

First up, Anonymoouse, who probably wishes to remain so, so even if I knew anything about him(?) - which I don't - I wouldn't be telling. Anyway, one of his (many) comments this year, one that was especially memorable, related to a clip of Colette Nelson doing some cooking during Domestic Muscle Goddess week back in June.

I love watching big muscle girls doing normal stuff (like cooking for instance) instead of the usual poses (as great as they are, it can get a little stale and repetitive)!

And so, especially for Anonymoouse...


Like shopping, for instance - I told Tina not to flex, 'Great as your biceps are,' I said, 'It can get a little stale,' but she insisted. Sorry chief, it won't happen again, I promise!

Or waiting for your late ass...

Normal stuff like having a snack while catching up on some emails, not forgetting to make sure everyone can see your trophy. Or your arms. The SIZE of her ARM!

Normal stuff, the kind of stuff you do ALL THE TIME. Like feeding a giraffe.

More shopping, well, a possible purchase anyway. A girl like Christmas (how apt!) Abbott needs to know what she's putting in that beautiful body of hers, doesn't she?

Rene smiling sweetly at you across the table. Like I said, normal stuff.

Getting those fluids in.

And more shopping. Do you think Brazilian bomb Larissa Reis really dresses like this when she goes shopping? I know I would LIKE to think she does...

Jay Fuchs (on the right) and Skadi Frei (on the back) arriving at the club.

And having that morning espresso. Nude. Is it just me or does anyone else sincerely believe that sexy muscle women like Monica really do walk around in the nuddy whenever they are at home? I, for one, am absolutely CONVINCED it's true.

And finally, as Anonymoouse enjoyed Colette cooking so much back in June, I thought he(?) would like another cooking lesson. This time, a full fourteen plus minutes of the very very sexy Shawna Strong making some special wraps.

Enjoy! Another reader-inspired treat tomorrow...


  1. I also love every-day-muscle-pics most.
    Speaking of Shawna:
    6ft1, dont forget to mention, that she "offers" Financial Domination.