Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Inspired by... Martin Kohl

It's always nice to know that someone is reading my musings, and even nicer when they actually bother to share their thoughts and/or reach out a mutually female muscle appreciating hand. So, this week on FMS, for some of the lovely readers who have been in touch (whether by email or the comment box), a whole post inspired by them as a way of saying thank you for supporting the blog.

I hope they, and you, will enjoy them.

Martin Kohl, one of the most prolific commenters on FMS, is a German with admiration for the female muscle beauty the UK currently has. 'All the good BB girls are British these days... *envy*,' he said in response to FBBUK: Haway the Lass!*, a post about teen sensation Georgina McConnell (and, incidentally, one of the most popular FMS posts of this, or any, year).

But although Martin loves a bit of Georgina (who doesn't?), back in January he told us that 'I'd rather go out with Rene if it comes to British beef.' So first up for Martin today, it's Rene, who you will probably agree is not only the most successful female bodybuilder from the UK right now, but is also the most beautiful.
Now that's what I call eye candy...

It's funny that while Martin is such a UK FBB fan, because I've always been a massive fan of German FBBs. Sabine Wick, Christa Bauch, the massive Cornelia Brandt, Merle Mohr, Nathalie Falk, the sensationally sexy Skadi Frei, and my all-time German number ein and one of my very first female muscle loves, the beautiful Anja Langer, are just some of the Muskel Mädchen who have filled me with admiration for the female muscle talent of Martin's home country.

And this year, it's been Michaela Schaar, the self-styled 'Iron Witch' of the Black Forest, who has made quite an impression on this boy.

It seems, as we say here, the grass is always greener on the other side, or, as Martin would say, Die Kirschen in Nachbars Garten schmecken immer süßer.

Thanks to you Martin for continuing to support the blog. Your comments and emails, always honest and full of passion and humour, are always appreciated. I look forward to another year of mutual female muscle jealousy.

Hopefully, I can unearth some more British talent for you to enjoy in 2014...

1 comment:

  1. No need to thank me, 6ft1...
    Just comment on my new blog, as well, and we're quit ;-)

    But lets face it: When it comes to German Muscle, there is NONE.
    Nina Loebhardt made a super phantastic comeback in 2011; is gone again.
    Cornelia Brandt... a prominent name from the middle/late 2000s.
    Skadi Seifert Aura is a bit "cold".
    Michaela Schaar has some remarkable transformation achievments; at the same time desperiately fighting/shooting against muscle admirers via FB.
    So, if you pick a Name for No1 German Muscle, you have to choose rather Jana Linke-Sippl (residents in Austria) or Nicole Savage (residents Gran Canaria, Spain).

    Now, Im thinking of british FBB-Beef:
    Rene Campbell, Lisa Cross, Tamara Markar, Georgina McConnell, Christalou Cornick, Nina Midling.........
    David, please never ever be jealous of the Germany Bodybuilding World again ;-)