Monday, 30 December 2013

Images of 2013

To finish off what has been a bad year for the sport of female bodybuilding, but, in FMS' opinion anyway, a good year for the perception of muscular women in society as a whole, a few of our favourite images from 2013 that we haven't posted already.

Strap yourselves in for Marthe Sundby, Cindy's 'enhancements', Ria's rear, squats in the library, a stormtrooper, and what can only be described as a 'wowcep'. Enjoy!

Christal's own 'Keep Calm And..' creation
It's not going to be easy, Christal, but I'll do my best...

We Can Do It!
Finland's Kaisa Toikko's tribute to the iconic wartime poster. With more and more women convinced of the benefits of weight training and seeking muscle growth, the message is once again relevant, albeit in a very different way.

left: I'm pretty sure this kind of thing is frowned upon by Health & Safety officials.
right: And I'm also pretty sure that if that was me getting that close to Marthe Sundby's divine bum, I'd just have to take a bite. Screw the dental bills! I mean, how often do chances like that present themselves?
"So I was in the library, supposed to be working but actually just daydreaming about hot women lifting when there was this enormous flash of light and BANG! there she was, doing squats on the table in front of me. Turns out I can summon her at will. All I have to do is dream. Ain't I the lucky one?!"

Cosplay, anyone?
left: Rashida Stowe. I always wondered what the stormtroopers looked like when they took off their uniforms. right: Come fly with Minna Pajulahti as she models the 2014 flight attendants' outfit for Female Muscle Airlines, the only airline where 100% of passengers watch the pre-flight safety announcements 100% of the time.

Glamorous Female Muscle
Muscle, beauty and great shoes. left: Good to see that Branka Njecovec, winner of the Arnold Amateur in 2013, got my congratulatory rose. right: Skadi Frei offers a sensational alternative window shopping experience.


Mmmmmonique's rivers of blood.

America's got thickness
left: Rene Marven and her wowcep; right: Shannon from the rear.

Europe's got thickness
Virginia and Oana demonstrate that density equals mass over volume.

Ria's rear
"Just a little pic of my Bootay'" says Ria.

Cindy ++
New in 2013, Cindy Landolt's enhancements don't seem to have done her career any harm. Reports suggest she is about to launch a movie career.

Spot the Difference I
Correct! She's even hotter in the picture on the right. By the way, does anybody know who 'she' is? (Apart from being my favourite unknown muscle hottie of the year.)

Spot the Difference II
Correct again! Aleesha's gone blond in 2013.

And finally...
We'll leave you with Lithuanian lovely Karina Akmens and her hand bra.


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  1. Hi FMS,
    Your "spot the diff" hottie is Aline Lachovski.
    Happy New Year ! Keep Up the Great work.