Tuesday, 2 February 2016

FBBTV: Down Under

With women-only contests, the ultra-swoonworthy bodies of competitors like Kayla Rassatti, Taylor Smith, Chleo Van Wyk and Nicky Foord, and, most recently, news that scenes backstage at shows there are reminiscent of the last days of Rome (or perhaps a Friday night get-together at Michael Barrymore's), I think it's fair to say that Australia has been seriously upping its female muscle game in recent times.

So, our TV offering today is one Aussie talk show's take on this female "muscle mania", starring the gorgeous Tracey Lunam and Clara Wilson, and a male co-host clearly getting a good strong dose of The Madness from sitting next to two such goddesses.

And for a little older female muscle fun on Aussie TV, check out NABBA legend Anne Marie Lasserre, looking as amazing as ever (just two weeks out from a contest) on what seems to be the Australian equivalent of the UK's A League of Their Own.

Enjoy, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow!

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