Monday, 22 February 2016

Pic of the Day

I'm always asking for comments and suggestions, and I'm really very grateful when some of you lovely readers put your thinking caps on and actually do get in touch. Sadly not all of your suggestions fit the ethos of the blog, [we have an "ethos"? -ed.], most are pure gold, but unfortunately in the last few months I simply haven't had the time to do some of your marvellous ideas justice, so on the back burner they remain.

But it''s just that lack of time that made this New Year suggestion so appealing.

How about just a classic pic per day? Words optional. Simple!

Obviously I can't resist a few words, or trying to build a (kind of) theme around the pictures (or indeed limiting myself to just one picture every day!) but, in essence, this week's posts are exactly that. A classic (recent) pic per day. Words optional!


Er, darling?


Er, do you want a massage?

Mmmm. That would be nice... But you're still sleeping on the couch.

Girls at work, their gains/progress etc. all week.

For Aiden, with thanks.

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