Saturday, 13 February 2016

"I'm in Love" (Part Two)

Following on from Tuesday's post, here's our second and final selection of recent-ish images that have moved Girls with Muscle members to declare their feelings of amour.

Physique competitor Mallory Malcolm is nothing if not honest. Three years ago I was a mess, she says, and really I am still a mess but at peace with it. And, she adds with obvious and understandable pride, with way bigger muscles.

And here's yet another Aussie stunner to add to the ever-growing list of, er, Aussie stunners. Brisbane's Jessica McPhee can ride my elevator any day [enough! - ed.]

Just saying what everyone else is thinking...

Point taken though. It's much more fun to imagine what (for example) Brazilian muscle bomba Angelica Teodoro feels about being such a stone cold sexy Brazilian muscle bomba than to imagine what the rest of us are feeling about her. For one thing, we are kind of predictable, although having said that, I doubt she's thinking she can't wait to get that ridiculous outfit off and put her baggy sweats back on. Just look at that smile!

As noted yesterday, a well-known name (and body) doesn't necessarily guarantee getting love from the GWM brethren, but there are some familiar faces such as those above and below.Gorgeous Alicia Coates (above left) is still - as far as I know - the only Figure competitor to have flexed her biceps on the Olympia stage during the show, so we haven't forgotten her even though she's sadly been MIA for a while. And on Alicia's right is the muscle beauty we dubbed our new St Valentina - "St Valentina the Sadist" herself, Valentina Mishina (see previously on FMS).

More heat from Down Under, this time in the shredded shape of Taylor Smith (also previously seen on FMS). I think shes perfect, says one fan who, like many of us, has given up completely when it comes to attempting one-handed apostrophes.

Natural bodybuilder and mother-of-two Sharlene Franken is on Instagram. You'll have to request a follow, but she promises that - if admitted - you can expect nothing but pics of her doing the things she loves, which are (not unusually for a bodybuilder natural or otherwise) "eating and working out". And judging by the evidence here, a little close-up flexing too. My request is currently "pending". Come on Sharlene!

When you pick yourself up off the floor, you might be brave enough to handle a little more Chareece Moore. You might be curious, for example, how she looks in American Apparel disco pants. If so, head over to her YouTube channel. Seriously! You won't be left wondering about that, I promise. And nor do you need to request a follow on her IG, you get to go straight to the muscle sexy. Enjoy!

You scream, I scream...

I am here, says stunning Physique competitor Katie Lee, to motivate and inspire young women that they can be muscular, strong and still be feminine! And they can have ice cream as well. Those peaks don't lie, notes one fan. Must be true then!

What is definitely true is that chunky muscle Dane Mia Sand is - currently - GWM fans' Most Loved. The four pics here are just some of the many of Mia to have attracted "I'm in Love" comments (with or without apostrophes and other punctuation).

Guess GWM fans just want to fall for the GND...

If only more of them had assets like Mia!


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