Sunday, 21 February 2016

Cathy: A Champion

And a champion in each of the last three decades no less. Lack of time prevents me from actually doing the research but other than Iris Kyle, I can't think any other female bodybuilders who have won major titles in the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.

If Cathy is able to make her comeback this year then, her track record suggests she would be a serious contender for any show she entered, and ultimately that would make her a serious contender for the big money Rising Phoenix title as well.

This week has all been about helping in our own small way to get her a few more donations, so before we see Cathy in her winning shape across those three decades, I'd like you to imagine that you had played a small part in getting her to these stages where she has triumphed in the past, that your little donation was partly responsible for the fact that this stunning woman was up there showing off her glorious body.

It would be a pretty good feeling, wouldn't it?

You can make it happen. Go Fund Her.


Cathy turns pro.


At her sixth Ms International, Cathy beats Karina Nascimento (3rd) and Denise Masino (2nd) (and a field of seven other women) to win the Lightweight title.


Cathy begins a run of three consecutive titles in New York, rising to the top in a field of nineteen women and looking every inch the thoroughbred champion. I've said it before this week and I'm saying it again here - just look at those LEGS!


The Queen of New York returned a year later to reclaim her crown with a unanimous decision from the judges. No one seems to have been surprised. I don't think there was anything better she could have done, said John Romano in his contest round-up. Her condition[ing] was spot on, she had striations all over the place, she was amazing.


Her third win in New York was in stark contrast to her second. A clear winner in 2009, this time a thicker Cathy beat Sheila Bleck into second place by a single point.


Stunningly beautiful and displaying breathtaking muscularity from head to toe (once again - those LEGS!) Cathy proves she doesn't have to be in New York to win. She triumphs over a field of 20+ women to take her fifth - and so far last - pro title.

And we leave you with Cathy's routine from New York in 2010.


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