Monday, 8 February 2016

In the City of Love...

Paris, 30th January 2016, at the Golden Tulip Hotel near Charles De Gaulle Airport you could - no doubt - feel the love. Not since the days of the legendary New York Muscle Club have female muscle fans had the opportunity to experience anything like this...

The women arrived first for a short briefing, then the fans arrived and they had five minutes to talk with the women and introduce themselves. Then the women started warming up, the photos started, the fans were amazed. And then the show started...

And it was a BIG show. From France, there was the wrestler Eva Damoh and bodybuilder Laurence Prévot. From Spain, Virginia Sanchez Macias in massive off season shape. There was soon-to-be star of the screen Irene Andersen, the gargantuan 6'0" American Jayne Stark, new British sensation Maz Burn, and the mighty Russian powerlifter Anna Khudayarov. And last but by no means least there was Margie Martin, Ms Rising Phoenix herself, gone all the way to Paris for the fans!

Little wonder they were "amazed".

The show started with posing, and then lift and carry, a wrestling demo, push-ups, and more posing. The women performed for the fans for three hours, and at the end, the girls danced. It was amazing, simply the best thing we had ever seen!

Now I'm pretty sure that if at that point it had been thank you and good night the female muscle head punters would have left pretty damn satisfied. But though the "show" may have been over, the night, it turns out, had only just begun...

We all went down to the lobby of the hotel for posing in the hotel entrance, and then went to eat at the restaurant. The girls were tall, big, full, huge, beautiful and remarkable, which caused quite a stir and a lot of discussion among the other diners! Then we all ate together before going to the bar to have some Mojitos.

All in all the fans spent around eight hours with the women.

The Greatest Show on Earth? I very much doubt any of the fans went home feeling they hadn't got their Euros worth. It sounds - and at this point I should say the description of the day is written by the organiser himself, but I have absolutely no reason to doubt it's accuracy - an absolute triumph, far surpassing even the New York Muscle Club events in size, duration, and interaction with the women.

Congratulations to Daily FBB Clips for putting on the show and making it such a triumph. The next opportunity for fans to Mojito with the Massive will be in Cologne to coincide with this year's FIBO, and there are plans to have future events in the USA.

I imagine the boys and girls who got up close and personal with the women at the first Daily FBB Show still haven't come down yet. Imagine the LOVE there must have been in the room! Appropriate then to be reporting on this historic event this week - the week of St. Valentina. We shall be riffing on the theme (love) all week on FMS.

Stay up-to-date with all Daily FBB Clips activities via their website.

And if you fancy feeling the love start saving up your Euros!

FMS would obviously love to hear from anyone who was there and would care to share their own personal account of what sounds like a uniquely amazing experience.

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