Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pic(s) of the Day

This time next week the Arnold Classic will be coming to its conclusion, the first event of the IFBB calendar for the year. Of course the IFBB events aren't the only events worth following, and IFBB pro women aren't the only competitors who deserve our love, but as a curtain raiser to the new competitive year it'll do very nicely, and FMS fave Gillian Ward - for one - seems to be gearing up very nicely indeed.

Bet you can't wait to see those vascular pumped up bad boys of hers all slathered in tan and oil and trying to break on out through the fabric of her posing suit now, can you?

Bet Gillian can't wait to be up there showing them off!

All over the world there are pros and amateurs alike counting down to their first comps of the year. We might have to wait a bit longer than we used to in the days before the dumping of the Ms International for the really big girls to strut their stuff. But in 2016 we don't have as long to wait as we did in 2015 (89 days and counting till Puerto Rico, May 27th-28th, bravo - once again - to Wings of Strength) but there's going to be plenty of Gillian-like freaky muscle-in-prep to feast on while-u-wait.
Nicky Foord

Enjoy! (I know I will)

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