Monday, 15 February 2016

Cathy: Go Fund Her

What can I do as a fan to support female bodybuilding?

It's a question that occurs to everyone, I would guess, at one time or another, especially now given the fragile state of the sport, and recently a brave soul on a forum (whose first rule is...) put their head above the parapet and asked for suggestions.

Predictably this fan received some less than helpful (or indeed polite) answers. There was abuse (eg. "If you have to ask you're a ...") and there was stupidity (eg. "Go to a show and leave when the men come on - that will send a message to the promoters").

Now I'm not as brave as that poor soul who asked the question. I ain't sticking my head above the parapet there. No sir! But I will give you (and him) my answer to the question of how to support female bodybuilding. It's very simple: Do what you can.

Now, coincidentally, a great of the sport is looking to make a comeback to competition. Last seen at the 2013 Ms Olympia, Cathy LeFrançois (apparently there's no space after "Le" - who knew?!) has put out an appeal for financial contributions to get her to the 2016 Puerto Rico Pro (this year with Women's Bodybuilding) at the end of May.

Cathy's Go Fund Me page

For those that have been asking what I want for my birthday, here you go.
All your gift cards and best wishes have been amazing! Thank you so much! However, what I truly need most right now is a little help funding my journey to Puerto Rico for my first event in my comeback. Donations of any size will be most appreciated.

Sounds like something (almost) all of us can do to support female bodybuilding.

Coincidentally, another great of the sport has threatened a comeback this year. Iris, though, doesn't need any financial help, and news of her return has been met with, let's say, a somewhat "muted" response from the brethren. Not so Cathy's return.

A celebration of Cathy's career so far all week on FMS.

I couldn't find a clip of Cathy at the 2013 Olympia online, but here she is at her last but one show before her retirement, the 2013 Ms International, courtesy of Watatiwatatio. Just in case you were in any doubt what you were going to get for your money!


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