Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cathy: Peeled

Cathy, circa 2005 (I think). Her body is primed for the show, the tan applied, and every muscle visible in all is defined glory. No make-up (yet), this is no glamour shoot. But it is a situation I would guess we would all wish we could have been privy to.

These images of Cathy wrapped (or not) in that hotel sheet have become, I think, somewhat iconic. This is the muscular female body at its most raw, its freakiest, its most gloriously exhibitionist, and therefore, for me at least, at its most intoxicating.

And the closer I look at the detail, the more intoxicated I get.

And most intoxicating of all is this one...

And we leave you today with a kind of companion to these images - though I think ths footage comes from a different time and place. That doesn't make it any less intoxicating though, least of all the (just as iconic as the pics) glute exposure!

Enjoy, and you know if you want more like this, Cathy's going to have to compete again. And if she's going to compete again, she's going to need some help. So...

Go Fund Her

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