Sunday, 7 February 2016

FBBTV: From VHS with Love

I remember seeing a brilliant hour-long documentary that aired on prime time ITV at 9pm called "Muscle Madness". It was a kind of "Pumping Iron II" thing that focused on Carolyn Cheshire prepping and competing in a big US contest, maybe an early Ms O. I remember watching it with my parents trying to hide my excitement and arousal, and also failing in an attempt to surreptitiously VHS record it!

Not my experience, but it's a familiar scene. Stumbling across female muscle on British TV in the mid/late 80s and early 90s while the family was watching meant suffering both physical and mental torture. Stumbling across it when watching alone meant setting world records for the sofa to VHS dash. Who knows how many wedding or christening or family holiday tapes were "lost" to enthusiastic young female muscle heads need to get a tape - any tape - into the machine at those moments?

I imagine most of those tapes have long been discarded just like mine were, but thankfully there are some among us - heroes every one of them - who lovingly preserved their precious hoards, and then, later, gave them to the world to enjoy.

Know of any more examples of early female muscle from UK TV that are out there?

Bernie Price popped upon What's My Line? once apparently, then there's Donna Hartley's appearance on The Last Resort, any of Carolyn Cheshire's appearances on Schmoel, sorry Noel Edmonds various shows, or, "The Holy Grail" of Carolyn on Bodymatters. I still hold out hope they are in a box in someone's loft...

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