Friday, 23 December 2016

2016 Review: December

NPC/NABBA (cont.)

We continued our simultaneous look at two of the big end-of-year contests with, among other things, a reminder to some IFBB pro competitors that a wig is not necessarily necessary (ask Natascha Donald), and we took another peak at the spectacular, er, peaks of class runner-up and new Physique pro Suha Qasem.

The winners of the Overall titles - Emma Gormley at the NABBA Universe, and Chareece Johnson at the Nationals - deserved all the praise we heaped on them, especially so Emma Gormley, who'd already won Northern Ireland and Britain titles in 2016, and here became the first British Overall Ms Universe for 25 years.

But, if we had to pick a favourite from each contest, it wouldn't be the winners.

From the NPC Nationals, we just couldn't resist Pamela Hamman's liberal interpretation of NPC rules regarding posing suit coverage. Perhaps that's why she only finished 3rd in her class?! We can't think of another reason, and neither can she. As we write she's still going on about it on her Instagram, fully engaged in an almighty slanging match with the husband of one of the competitors who placed above her!

No such issues for Kay Goodwin competing in NABBA. Display as much of that perfect bum as you like. And she does. And that's why she is our pick of the show!

Kay's "reverse bow" is priceless!


And for our last week of posts for the year, it was where the heart is.

There was a name from the distant past, long overshadowed by her sister's female muscle achievements; there was a new name, suddenly all over the world's media; and there was an entire weekend devoted to the marvellous, mighty Sharon Madderson, including an Instagram post of hers so impressive we reproduced it in full.

But really the star of the week (perhaps when we look back to December 2016 in the future, the British female muscle star of the year), was the subject of our first post of our FBBUK week, and also the subject of my (and many other female muscle fans') waking thoughts ever since images of her triumph at the WABBA International Ms Universe came to light. Sarah Williams, former UKBFF British Physique champion, has, it seems to me, just taken her physique to the next level.

Look. at. Those. ARMS!!!

That's all for the review, but, as is customary on FMS, we have two more posts to come in 2016. "Images of the Year" and "Women of the Year" will be on the blog next week, but not in that order. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a lovely one.

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