Monday, 5 December 2016

FBBUK: Everybody Loves Sarah

The judges love Sarah. Well, some of them anyway. At the end of November the 2014 UKBFF British Physique champion Sarah Williams was crowned the 2016 WABBA International Ms Universe - and, as the above photo of the triumphant Sarah suggests, this time she was back where she began, in a Women's Bodybuilding class.

She hasn't always got so much love from the judges - her mighty muscles were a bit scary to judges of the IFBB variety at the Amateur Olympia UK last year and she finished down in 8th. But I reckon she's forgotten all about that now. Being announced as the [Universe] winner was a little overwhelming for me, she told her Instagram followers. That special moment when you realise all the sacrifice, hard work and dedication you put in has finally paid off. I tried hard to fight back the tears!
Sarah finishes 8th in the Physique class at the IFBB Amateur Olympia UK 2015 (left); WABBA British Grand Prix 2016 champion (middle), and WABBA International Ms Universe 2016

This was the seoond time this year that Sarah has had that feeling. In July she was crowned British champion (2nd time) in Women's Bodybuilding (1st time) at the WABBA British Grand Prix. Seems that while the UKBFF judges can be fickle, the WABBA judges know a quality female physique when they see one.
UKBFF British Physique champion 2014

Just like the fans do really. And while, yes, there are some dissenting voices regarding Sarah, they get shouted down pretty quick. We, the "collective we", love Sarah, and have done ever since she became widely known after her UKBFF British Physique triumph. She's awesome, noted one forum poster at the time the first few photos of Sarah went up on the boards. Pictures like these make me wonder why the entire male population isn't crazy about female bodybuilders! Me too, buddy. Me too.

The only problem female muscle heads had with Sarah was her apparent lack of social media - at the time she didn't have a mobile phone, let alone a Facebook page! However, unlike many IFBB judges, female muscle subscription websites know a great body when they see one, and Awefilms, Muscle Angels and Muscle Appeal were quick to track Sarah down, help her change into something revealing, and point a lens at her.

Sometimes the models you least expect become popular, says Jason Lynch of Muscle Appeal. I did not anticipate the popularity of Sarah Williams. To this day, every time I travel to bodybuilding shows and I meet some fans, they always tell me how much they like her. I try to work with her as much as I can because she is fun to be around. And because, like many FBB fans, I have a crush on her.

Me too, buddy. Me too.
Eight weeks out before the 2016 WABBA International Universe

Sarah is on Facebook these days. And Instagram. Fill yer boots!

More from the WABBA International Universe later in the week on FMS.



  1. I was wondering when you'd get around to posting about Sarah's win. Just look at the shot of her being awarded her medal; those arms and shoulders are just immense. She's surely the best fbb in Britain right now. Feel free to disagree, though.