Monday, 12 December 2016

2016 Review: January

Time to look back at the year that was on FMS.

It was cold in January, but there was much heat on the blog.

Sasha Rudenko

In the UK media, The Mail runs a story about Russian bodybuilder Aleksandra "Sasha" Rudenko, pictures of whom were reported to have "shocked followers in social media". Apparently, "fans claim her shock of grey hair is a sign she's destroying her body", but FMS is rather impressed, especially with Sasha's lovely legs.

Remember this story. It will be relevant later in the year.

Sadistka: Valentina Mishina

FMS falls in love for the first time in 2016...

Such model looks, and at the same time she's so into making her body more and more freakily muscular. It's an addiction for her, a fetish almost, or even in fact. Her VK and Instagram name is "sadistka" with a 666 at either end. For Valentina, it seems, pain really is pleasure, because pain means muscle and muscle means pleasure.

How Natalya Turned Pro

I was at the competition where the controversy took place. She was reminded of the right poses several times. She looked really pissed off at the stage most of the time. After the results she did not raise the trophy, and left the stage very swiftly. Cannot recall whether she left the trophy. No respect for other competitors, judges or the audience. Her body looked good (too much muscle for physique, rightly placed at the bottom) but her attitude sucked totally. ("ummelvirta", FMS reader)

And the pro card turned up soon after.

We still have no idea how she did it.


FMS begins its "IG stalk" of Melissa Lesage, aka Miss Beast. A woman who gets so disgustingly ripped she even disgusts herself. Last summer when I was shredded peeled & nasty, she says, I loved every last second of it! YES my liver, kidneys, and heart took a hit but did I DIE??! NOPE! And being a nurse, she would know.

If you want a laugh, says FMS, just look up some of the other million or so woman who dare to call themselves "Miss Beast" and compare. I'll tell you, there's barely a muscle between them, not to mention a damaged vital organ.

Check out more from FMS in January here.

Tomorrow, it's February, the LOVE month...

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