Friday, 9 December 2016

FBBUK: Clips of the Week

It's nearly Christmas, so not one, not two but three clips this week.

You lucky people!

And a slight return to the 2016 NABBA Universe for three more British competitors who didn't make the final cut when it came to last week's posts - two from Trained Figure, and the Toned Figure champion. Gird your loins for three of the flexiest, sexiest routines from the show. And all in NABBA-approved thongs!

LINDA CASSIDY (Northern Ireland)

We've had our heart rate's sent rocketing by Linda's routines on FMS before, and while this wasn't the funkiest performance of hers we've seen, she set pulses racing again. She was runner-up in the class last year. Not quite sure what it was that made the judges place her outside the top 6 this time. Certainly wasn't her pecs. Or legs. Or biceps. Or glutes. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, she told her Facebook followers afterwards. FMS sincerely hopes this setback doesn't mean we won't see her again.

Up next, the woman who beat Monica Brant...

Winner Toned Figure

She was genuinely surprised when she was announced as the winner, beating not only Monica Brant, but also the UK champion Brittany Rhodes and the English champion Phoebe Little. Still, Amy did have winning 2016 form behind her, not in NABBA contests, but the fast-growing PCA, where she won the Toned Figure title at the UK finals. And she did put in a performance worthy of a champion for her routine...

A genuinely fascinating young woman, currently travelling in South-east Asia.
And you can follow Amy's adventures on her Instagram, and/or travel blog.

And finally...

6th Trained Figure I

Crowned the NABBA Britain Toned Figure champion in May, and the NABBA World Toned Figure champion in June, Emma competed (for the first time as far as I'm aware) in the more muscular Trained Figure class at the Universe, and gave her (many by the sounds of it) supporters and the rest of the audience a routine to remember.

This change of class, however, was not Emma's decision. So on Saturday at the NABBA Universe, says Emma, it was decided on the day by the judges that I no longer fit the Toned Figure criteria. Therefore, I was not allowed to step back on stage in that category as I wouldn't be judged, and my only other option was to be judged in the Trained Figure category if I wanted to compete. To say I was upset would be an understatement. I pulled myself together, pumped up beyond belief, begged my abs and thighs to make an appearance, then flexed the F**K out of my muscles on stage...

Oh yes she did!

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