Thursday, 8 December 2016

FBBUK: Ayme De Oliveira Goes Global

Recognise her?

Perhaps this selection of headlines might help. How's your Hungarian? Ayme Oliveira testépítő a legizmosabb légikísérő. Or your Vietnamese? Ayme Oliveira: Ai mà ngờ được nữ tiếp viên hàng không xinh đẹp này lại là lực sĩ thể hình cuồn cuộn cơ bắp.

Yes, that's right, it's... Ayme Oliveira, stjuardesa bodybuilder.

Wherever you live in the world, the chances are the Mail Online's story of the "bodybuilding air hostess who claims passengers don't notice her stunningly sculpted physique except when they see her lifting baggage" has made some sort of impression in your local media. From the Mail, Ayme's Instagram photos did the rounds of the UK tabloids the following day, and from there... well, to infinity and beyond.
I can confidently say I would notice

My story went global! Ayme told her (suddenly considerably more numerous) Instagram followers last week. India, Beijing, Albania, Brazil, UK, Russia, Kosovo are just the ones I know about. And then one of those followers helpfully pointed out she was in the Croatian news too. Thank you! she replied. Online or newspaper?

Of course, I'm very happy to see yet another positive "female bodybuilder" story out there, and as adverts for the lifestyle go, let's face it, we could do a lot worse than Ayme (who despite the exotic name hails from the very unexotic Chelmsford). She's sexy, she's glamorous, she's feminine, and she's got some proper muscles.

Those abs look especially yummy.

However, what's really impressive is the self-promotion. It could almost be a blueprint for women who would like to further their fitness careers. Do some competitions, attract a bit of interest from sponsors. Now, you need to get more coverage. Media. OK, so I need some hot pictures, and a "story". I'm a Mum, I'm a flight attendant...

I'm a flight attendant whose passengers don't notice my muscles!

Throw in the bog standard "bodybuilder" stuff, ie. "I train for [insert surprisingly high number] hours a day" and "I eat [insert surprisingly high number] meals a day", and you are, if you'll forgive the pun, flying. Online media sources need content like supplement companies need free advertising, and suddenly you are all over the online press, and if you are really good, the print media too. Overnight, your social media following has increased in both number and range. Happy happy sponsors.

Am I being overly-cynical? Maybe someone from the Mail just came across Ayme and knew a good story when they saw one and contacted her. Well, if that really is how online media sources get their "female bodybuilder" stories then I am impressed, but I sincerely doubt that's how it happens. Perhaps it's the supplement companies sending their athletes "How to..." packs with the first batch of powders and pills.
Virgin, in case you were wondering (and I would notice)

Or maybe Ayme is just very very savvy as well as very very sexy.

However it happened, Amy De Oliveira (somehow the "De" got lost in the media, but anyway) has travelled around the world two ways now, and has become known, if only briefly and then forgotten, by millions. The female muscle lovin' community isn't likely to be so fickle though, and, I'm pleased (and rather proud) to say, had picked up on Amy and her muscles about a year and a half before the UK online media did.

If they want another gorgeous, glamorous, unthreateningly muscular but nonetheless muscular lady "bodybuilder" to fill their column inches with, I have a few names.

Thanks to Aiden for the, er, heads up!

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