Saturday, 3 December 2016

From Birmingham to Miami: The Women of the 2016 NABBA Universe & NPC Nationals

Every day this week, one of the women who competed in one of the Toned or Trained Figure classes at the NABBA Universe in Birmingham, UK, on October 29th. And from the NPC Nationals in Miami the following weekend, every day we'll enjoy one of the Female Bodybuilders or Women's Physique competitors, all trying to win their IFBB pro cards remember, taken from among the four classes in each division.

I'm not trying to compare and contrast the women or federations, or make any points here, I just thought it would be a bit different. And it gives us the best of both worlds too. While footage of the NABBA ladies' routines is plentiful, there are few pics. From the NPC Nationals the reverse is true. Little video, many pics. So, by doing it this way we get to enjoy some muscles in motion, as well as a selection of contest photos.

Today, two absolutely sizzling displays of sexy female muscle.

From the NABBA Universe...

4th, Trained Figure II

Kay competed in the Toned Figure category for some years, winning NABBA England and finishing 2nd at the World in 2013. In 2014, she switched to Trained Figure ("a great move"), and immediately won the NABBA Britain title. My strong points, says Kay, are my stage presence and my bum. And clearly, Kay wants the judges to focus on her "strong points" - that thong is teeny weeny even by NABBA standards, and I love how she even bows with her back to the audience at the end of her routine!

Kay finished 2nd at the Worlds in Brazil earlier in the year (see her routine - and ├╝ber-tan - here) but for my money has never looked better than she did in Birmingham, despite the lower placing. Fans of comparisons might like to review the above routine from a different angle (here) and then check out her 2013 Worlds Toned Figure routine. Or the other way around perhaps. And I'm sure you can be trusted to follow this sensational woman on Facebook with the respect she deserves.

And from the NPC Nationals...

3rd, FBB Light-heavyweight

At 48, the outstanding competitor in the Light-heavyweight class, and never better. Sadly, though, the judges didn't agree. You don't have to like the post-contest rant - I guess the NPC doesn't want a woman who will represent the sport and promote it, a woman who is beautiful, confident and outspoken - but when Pamela says, I was more conditioned, [had] better vascular definition, and [was a] better poser than either of these women [who finished 1st and 2nd], and you compare her with the top two (galleries 1st here, 2nd here), you have to admit that she's got a point.

Perhaps it was Pam's apparent determination to expose as much of her body as possible while she was on stage that swayed the judges against her. This kind of muscle sexhibitionism is a winner with me, for sure, but you know, those judges don't always care for that sort of thing. Once again, the best doesn't win, and this amazing woman, who started competing when I was in my teens (the '80s), will have to try again next year - perhaps the new Ms Wings International might suit her, she certainly fits the profile of late 40s female muscle veterans (Angela Rayburn, Lora Ottenad etc.) whose careers have unexpectedly flourished in the last couple of years. Just a thought. And in the meantime, you might like to show her some love on Instagram.


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