Saturday, 10 December 2016

FBBUK: Sharon Madderson Weekend! (Saturday)

Sharon Madderson, as we've seen previously on FMS, has been one of the shining lights of British female muscle over the last twenty years. She began her long and varied competitive career as an EFBB Figure competitor back in 1999, and eventually made it all the way to the IFBB pro ranks as a Bodybuilder. Now, however, she may have decided to call time on that career, her final appearance the recent WABBA International Universe, where she finished runner-up to Sarah Williams.

I've had an amazing experience, Sharon told her Instagram followers as she kissed her trophy after the Colchester show. This might be my retirement of competing but the start of a new journey. Notice the "might". Lots of Sharon fans have. Congratulations but please don't! begged one. You still have lot to give on stage...

FMS couldn't agree more. One forum poster recently said that they felt Sarah Williams was "actually getting better looking with age". The same could definitely be said of Sharon Madderson. And as images and video of her preparations for her maybe last contest have come to the attention of the forums recently, she's become as popular as ever - at the age of 51. With her conditioning and this new long blond hair, she's an absolute goddess! commented one, clearly smitten, new fan.

But just like Margie Martin, who recently announced next year (at least) she will be "making bodybuilders", Sharon's not about to stop training - "the lifestyle I adore" - but rather than compete, she'll focus on training other people with her husband (the man responsible for Sharon becoming a Bodybuilder) out of their North-east base. Graham and I already have so much planned for 2017, she says. We can't wait to share it all! We are so excited to see our Madderson Muscle Athlete Team grow internationally, and to be as successful in their journeys as our already amazing squad.

Sharon's career has, as we've noted before, been a little stop start, with periods out of competition punctuating her appearances on stage. Maybe this is the beginning of one of these breaks, maybe it really is retirement. If it is indeed the latter, and the Universe really was her last competitive outing, then Sharon certainly made sure she wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry, and certainly left this fan at least wishing for more.

And more Sharon is what we'll be having tomorrow.

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