Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Year in Review: April

We started April, with the benefit of hindsight, rather too optimistically.

This was the last bit of good news there was about Marthe Sundby's health.

Sun is up, spring is on, life has never been better. Training light, eating clean, and trying to heal my body. I'll never give up. Stronger. Wiser. Tougher. Fighting back.


Caitlyn Terry was an early April Woman of the Week.

We couldn't help ourselves. Dry ab belly, claw hands, and a muddy brown tannnn... I love being a mud-coloured protein princess! Or, All I wanna do is get bigger and better. I just want delts the size of my heeeeaddddddd! The swoonometer "started smoking" midway through the post. As we signed off it was "actually on fire".


A love letter to female muscle pits.

Pits of plenty... A confluence, if you will, of muscle. A glorious meeting - perhaps meating? - of bicep, delt, lat and pec. Not so much armpits as muscle pits.

[Note: all of the images from all of the posts dating 10th April to 13th May appear to have disappeared from imagebam. No idea why. One day I may get round to uploading them them all again, but for now I've made two rar files of the pics, the first covers 10th-30th April, and you will find the link for it at the end of today's review. The link for the second (1st-13th May) will be at the bottom of tomorrow's post.]


Only April and for the second time this year we were bidding adieu to a legend.

Like many others, I fell for Jackie during my formative female muscle lovin' years, and I found images of her demonstrating her legendary flexibility, among the first of her I saw, utterly mesmerising. They, she, will stay with me as long as I live.


After paying tribute to a former champion, we spent the remainder of that week with champions of a more recent vintage - pros and amateurs from North, South, and Central America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, including new Chinese Figure sensation Mou Cong, and ex-Figure now Physique sensation Shanique "The Future" Grant.


OK, so Mrs Swell has surprised me by booking a two-week break to the sunshine. Love her to bits, though she can at times mistake the fact that I am self-employed for being able to take time off whenever I want. Anyway, I shall be busy buying her some new outfits for the beach before we go, and then we're away, so posts may be a bit thin, or lack the usual diligence for the next couple of weeks. But don't blame the lady.

Looking back now, if what you got over the next couple of weeks was "thin" or "lacking the usual diligence" then the standards of this blog must be higher than (even) I think.

There were some real treats in there.

missxashley: So lean, so gorgeous, so totally into herself...

Excitement at Lauren Quinn's imminent return to competition.

Wish You Were Here #1: Hevumisa's first unmissable edit of the year.

Wish You Were Here #2: Much, much beef at the WoS 2017 get-together.

New Brazilian Physique sensation Ivie Rhein.

And this...

Link to rar file - all pics from original posts 10/4-30/4 plus extras - here.

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