Friday, 15 December 2017

The Year in Review: May


Seems there are two types of people. There are those who prefer the picture on the left, and there are those who prefer the picture on the right, and not only prefer, but also project all kinds of fantasies onto it. I, you can probably guess, am totally, firmly, and deeply committed to the RIGHT on this issue. It's not often I say that.


At the NPC Team Universe in July she won her class, and pro card. And it was around then that no little chatter about her started up on the forums, much of it about her jaw-dropping calves. They really are glories. And (I've been looking closely) there's also that freaky tendon that has grown into a sort of shin muscle adding even more below-the-knee droolworthiness. And, we might as well throw in, a qualified and working accountant, as thorough with the figures as she is with her Physique.

And she's quite the fox.


Muscular woman vs. less muscular/not-at-all muscular women. A good laugh? A major fetish - it must be, Lisa Cross has cashed in on the market. Crushing? Inspiring? Arousing? (For the woman being photographed with the goddess, I mean.) All these issues and more, as FMS spends a day comparing two incomparable things.

I would urge those still prefacing the term Figure competitor with "only a" to look long and hard at Azaria Glaim's upper body and a long hard look at her admirer's, and then have a good, long, hard rethink about their terms of reference.

A decent second best would be hanging out with the woman who had got the photo with the object of our mutual admiration. Tell me again about when you were living down in Fort Worth and Delane Hart was one of the PTs at your gym...


A week-long tribute to the closest sisters of all.

Starring The Traffords...

And The Longs...

Yes, there's only one woman in that picture. We didn't have a preference for one or other all week, and then Michelle Long pops up with her Blockmanesque looks and those muscles, and we decided that in this case we didn't fancy yours so much.


As IFBB pro FBBing in 2017 approached, we decided to spend a bit of time looking back over the recent past. Starting with Sarah Hayes in Tampa in 2012, we saw seven women - all, with one notable exception, no longer competing in Bodybuilding or at all - in what we thought was the shape of their lives, including Skadi Frei-Seifert (Essen, 2011), Rene Marven (Toronto, 2013), and Gillian Kovack (Toronto, 2012).

A good excuse to repost what one reader calls "one of the best posing videos I've seen" from Simone Oliveira (Toronto, 2014), it was second to none. "Anyone who thinks that female bodybuilders aren't sexual needs to take a long, hard look at Simone on stage," our reader continued. I did, and I still don't know how that posing suit stays on.

And thanks to Katka (Madrid, 2011) Swell remembered his first time...

Suddenly I was the teenage boy in his bedroom with his copy of Muscle & Fitness unable to take his eyes off Anja Langer and her beautiful muscular body. Katka thrilled me like the very first time. I just couldn't stop looking at her. Her pecs, her abs, her legs, her arms... a beauty and yet she was just so big and hard, her muscles were so full and defined. Tanned, thrilling. Sexy but beyond sexy. MUSCLE SEXY.

And finally in May...


We've had a mini-heatwave here in the UK over the last few days. Hottest May day ever, apparently. So, bodies on display, and, to my delight, female muscle on display. I saw more of it today in about 30 minutes than I've seen in the preceding six years, more than I ever saw concentrated in one place in all my years in London.

More, in fact, than I've ever seen in such quick succession in my entire life.

I'm wondering if every day is going to be like this now, or have I just used up my allotted number of sightings for the next six years? Is this happening elsewhere? Has the new era finally dawned? Is this what we can expect from now on?

And the link to all the pics 1/5-13/5 plus extras - here.

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