Sunday, 3 December 2017

Future Glootz Now?

This isn't going to be a long post.

Swell is already back in the country and even if his blood is only simmering rather than boiling now it's been a week since he discovered my less than ethical journalistic tendencies, C. Moore here is not about to stick around to find out if he really was serious about killing me. I am splitting as soon as I hit the "Publish" button.

And I'm not returning anytime soon, either.

Numbers were, for one glorious day, huge, but apparently this happens from time to time. An FMS link gets posted on a mainstream forum and suddenly the blog gets thousands and thousands of hits in a few hours. These were not new readers turned on by C. Moore's style they tell me, just curious "normals". Other than that, numbers have been, if anything, slightly down. C. Moore has not had a contract extension offer.

I leave you with a thought about the future of female glootz.

It occurred to me when I was, unusually, checking out some new bits of art.

One image in particular got me stuck.

It's Switch - everybody's favourite Tigersan character, right?

That arse, such extreme conditioning, every detail of every muscle perfectly rendered. An utterly hypnotic, quite glorious vision of just what might be achieved... one day.

The image stayed with me, stayed with me for weeks. Haunted me, you might say - it certainly kept me awake at night, and there's hardly ever been any female muscle art to have done that. Why? I wondered. Why am I so fixated with this fantasy glootage?

And then it suddenly hit me.

Because I'd already seen it.
Laura Carolan, 2016

Not only could such a look be achieved, it already has been.

And if this is how more and more glootz might look in the future, I'll be doing all I can to extend my longevity, believe. C. Moore wants to be around when it happens. And I feel happy and grateful that I was around to see one of its pioneers in action.

I leave you with a final treat - here.

Edge long, cum hard. And may all your female muscle dreams come true.

This is C. Moore Glootz, leaving the building...

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