Thursday, 7 December 2017

NPC Nationals 2017: Beautiful Beasts

Pretty decent leg Workout to start the week off right, wrote Margie this Monday. I was so motivated watching @krristinanicole leg videos this weekend I got to dig deep.

Love seeing women who are beasts.

If Kristina needed any encouragement after her 4th place Nationals finish in the Heavyweight class, I imagine being called a "beast" by the former Queen of Muscle herself - especially as Margie is talking legs, so she should know - has provided it.

We saw Kristina on FMS for the first time after her appearance at the NPC USAs (where she was 3rd), informing you lovely readers that "you really should" follow her on Instagram. In case you've been too busy and/or have given up taking lifestyle advice from female muscle bloggers (you might have made an exception for me!), here's a little catch-up, just a little taster of what you've allowed yourself to be missing...

I'm sure I wasn't alone in having high hopes for Kristina at the Nationals, but I guess another year of watching her do her thing as she chases that first place and pro card at one, two, maybe even three qualifiers isn't the worst second prize I can imagine.

In my humble and ill-informed opinion, I guess it's the conditioning she will have to improve on, because it's certainly nothing to do with size or, let's say her "aesthetic" appeal. Nor indeed - and Margie would surely concur - anything about those legs.

And while Kristina had been preparing herself for her second national level show in a year, another beautiful beast (with a proper "mutant body") was gearing up (if you will excuse the expression) for a (frustratingly) rare appearance in a posing suit.

The last time I remember her competing (and this is off the top of my head) was back in 2013 maybe at the Arnold Amateur. She was still technically Brazilian then - if she does indeed come from this planet, which I'm not convinced about. Anyway, these days she's a US citizen and apparently qualified to compete at the Nationals. What a treat!

I don't think it's unfair to say that, unlike Kristina, Carla doesn't really have such an "aesthetic" physique, but shock and awe she most certainly has. Buckets of it.

She is, however, even better appreciated not in contest mode, but soon afterwards in HD close-up wearing a revealing outfit that covers up some of her weaker body parts. I adore, for example, the work she has previously done with Awefilms, and they've not missed the chance to catch her in such mind-blowing shape again this time around. Carla Maria Hyper Pumped (2 parts so far...) - well my subscription is renewed!

And we leave you with Kristina, Carla Maria and the other beautiful beasts, plus the Light-heavyweights, Middleweights and Lightweights (you'll think a Figure lady has strayed into the wrong area while looking for her heels) who competed in Women's Bodybuilding at the 2017 NPC Nationals: pumping, posing and standing around.

Tomorrow, some Physique Dreams.

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