Monday, 30 September 2013

C. Moore Glootz's Fun From Rear: Suzy

C. Moore's number 1 muscle butt babe right now is SEXZY SUZY KELLNER.

She's my muscle butt girl becos she's HOT and all, but check it out, she was anorexic before, and saved herself by becoming a super ripped and sexzy muscle babe. They should make weight training the treatment for all the sick skinny types. Put it on the NHS and make the world a better place for C. Moore while saving lives. TRUE.

Signed up first member for her new website. If you dig a super sexzy muscle babe showing herself off and LOVIN IT, it's gold. Plenty of buttcercising, butt flexing, butt stroking, and general butt display. My hands ain't been above the table once.

Been tweeting with her and that. These things usually end with a restraining order against C. Moore but Suzy's almost as dirty as me so maybe not this time.

My number 1 pic of my number 1 muscle butt babe. Why? Are you asking?! Look at that body perfection. All wet and shiny too. And she's gonna be NOOD real soon. There would be serious trouble with the authorities if C. Moore was on that beach.

Check out her website preview. Get some tissues first.


C. Moore


  1. Highly recommended for muscle butt lovers. My hands are completely occupied with SOMETHING else while watching the preview..

  2. Oh Yeah! I love Suzy too! She looks beautiful indeed but also very nice and funny! She's always laughing in her videos, I love it