Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gym Bodz: Back Day, A True Story

Today, FMS is proud to bring you another experience of female muscle in real life as related by one of our readers (see also Her Legs, His Obsession). The events took place in a London gym a couple of years ago, the bodybuilder described is an absolutely gorgeous top international competitor. For me, and I dare say a few of you too, what transpired would be like a dream coming true. Well, part of the dream anyway! I certainly get the impression that was the case for the writer as well.

[Names and so on have been changed to protect the non-so innocent and the extremely muscular.]



I had already been there for an hour when she strode in, on her own, in a tight black bra/workout top and tight black cycling short-material hip to ankle leggings. Those quads were just shouting across the gym, but only I seemed to be listening. She did 20 minutes cardio whilst I sneaked glances, trying not to be too obviously wide-eyed. Most of the regulars ignored her. Later her training partner came an she did some stretching, and then hit the weights.


Back day. I tailored my workout to make sure that I had a good view. When I was on the pec deck, I was facing her on the chinning bar. She was glistening by then, huge hydraulic lats and perfect bulging biceps in awesome motion as she almost touched the bar with her breasts on each rep, and when her partner held her ankles to help her squeeze out those last reps, I honestly thought I might fucking well explode. Simply the best thing I've ever witnessed.


In between sets her pumped lats had no where to go, they just pushed her arms out wide. By this time she had seen me watching her a few times, but didn't seem to mind and even smiled at me.

At the end of her workout (I'd been there for two and half hours by then, and ignored countless important voicemails and emails) she went to the mats for abs and stretching, and her partner went out to chat with a friend. I hit the mats too, and controlled my road-digger heart enough to talk to her.


I told her she looked awesome, and that I'd kill for a back and shoulders like hers. She thanked me, explained that she hadn't been to the gym for a while, and we moved on to general chit chat. I said I'd never seen a female bodybuilder before (a lie) and that I was impressed by the dedication she must have, and asked how she dealt with the inevitable stares, etc. She said it depended on what she was wearing, but she has learned to tune out the 'haters'. She also said she has a movie coming up, a bit part in a 'trashy action flick'. She asked me my name, and I told her. She told me hers and said, 'You should check out my website', and spelt out her surname.


She knew. My saucer-like pupils were screaming at her 'this guy gets off on my muscles.'

She seemed genuinely flattered and boosted by the positive attention. She was so nice.


When I had showered and changed I went for a coffee next door for some free wi-fi, and as I left there she was, still in workout gear, 10 feet in front of me. I decided against catching her up and talking to her again for fear of being thought of as a stalker, so I watched other pedestrians' reactions as she walked by them.

Everyone noticed. Some looked away, others gawped, others stole glances at biceps and delts, followed by a face-glance. She just strode on, head high, soaking it all up. Awesome.

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  1. Now that was an exciting report!
    Im pretty much sure that most (not all) fbbs love those "tough" non-shy guys like him, as they're a rare species.
    Just learned a new word, also: "saucer-like pupils". LOL
    Ive got a feeling that fbbs are not good for men with high blood pressure ;-)