Saturday, 14 September 2013

Gym Bodz: Through the Magic Door
Am I the only guy who daydreams that when I arrive at the gym this evening I'll get changed, and then go through some kind of magic door into a world where my ultimate fantasies come true, and be greeted by this kind of scenario?

If there were women even remotely like this at my gym, I'd never be out of there, but I doubt I'd get much done. The only women I ever see in the weights room at the local are the girlfriends of guys with names like Jacek, Andrzej and Macek (guys who are friendly, but are also big enough to make me think that if I ever decided to go down the anabolics route, they'd probably be able to point me in the right direction) and even then the girls only cross over from the cardio side of the room to talk to their musclebound boyfriends. Attractive and slim though they are, I've never seen one of them (they're probably called Kasia, Marta and Ola) lift anything.

And although Jacek & co. do throw the big weights down and roar a bit sometimes, which can be somewhat distracting, the fact there is not even one remotely muscular woman around is a good thing because it means I can get on with my workout without distractions. And that, after all, is why I'm there. But it doesn't stop me dreaming.
I'm through that magic door again, and suddenly I'm in another world and I'm drooling over the body in the fetchingly retro shorts and knee-high socks who's doing her hero curls while I'm trying to make out that I'm watching the TV that's conveniently situated just behind her...
And behind this magic door the lady on the left here (great abs but clearly not far along her journey to muscle) daydreams about becoming and being a muscular goddess like Stina Telhammer (right), who, of course, is well aware of the admiring looks she's getting. I watch the girl eyeing Stina, and I watch Stina enjoying the attention.
Sometimes the magic door takes me where the truly big girls are. I watch their muscles swell, muscles traversed by cord-like veins, muscles that glisten with their sweat. I hear them grunt, groan, scream with effort and ecstasy. And sometimes, when their workout is done they stand before me fully-pumped and look me in the eye. And their smile lets me know that they're about to take off that vest and treat me to a posing display right there in the gym....

The magic door can take me anywhere. On the left, it takes me to work out with Nikki Jackson, a woman whose sexual appetite is known to be so voracious that men run screaming when she enters the weights room. Not Swell, though. Swell's quite ready to help Nikki work off, in any way she sees fit, every last bit of her excess energy...
And, on the right, we seem to have come through the magic door and found one of the wonders of the female muscle world making our eyes pop out of their sockets. Fortunately, we have a bib with us, so we're not going to drool all over ourselves...

But good though the magic door undoubtedly is, it hasn't brought me here.
Not yet anyway...

Welcome to Gym Bodz Week on FMS. Enjoy!

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  1. You came back from holidays better than ever!
    Great article, as always!