Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What's (Been) Going On: Charlene Hart

Would you find it surprising if I told you that a buff female fitness model could be seen taking her clothes off on late night British TV three to four times a week?

Well, you can probably guess from the fact that I'm asking the question that it's a fact. Charlene Hart, who describes herself as 'bikini competitor, Playboy and sports model, TV presenter and personality, magazine columnist and therapist' can be seen in almost (this is Britain, remember!) all her glory on Bluebird TV.


Bluebird is one of a bunch of 'Phone Babe' channels that can be seen by anyone in the UK with satellite or cable (as long as your parents haven't activated 'Parental Control'). Viewers can phone the 'babes' (at premium rates, naturally), so in a nutshell it's phone sex with visuals. The babes are permitted to go topless after 10pm, but there's no full frontal nudity - if they take it all off, they mustn't show it all off. Very British!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I thought you might be interested is all...

No, actually, there is a point, and the point is this. Apart from her after dark action, Charlene is an advocate of weight training for women. I find it crazy when women think lifting weights will make them look hench [muscular] she says. It is actually hugely beneficial if you want a lean body, toned legs and a firm, perky round bubble butt. Strong really is the new sexy – lift those weights girls!

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After qualifying as a personal trainer, Charlene became a mother and gained weight. Her road back to her size 8 skinny jeans reignited a desire she had long had to compete in fitness. Last year, she took to the stage at the Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association (NIFMA) Championships. It's not your average kind of fitness contest (or maybe it is, I really don't pay too much attention to these kinds of shows) but nevertheless, Charlene's highlights are definitely worth a look.

This toned without being overtly muscular look, is, according to Charlene, very much in demand in the 'glamour' world. You see a lot of girls like myself who are fully-qualified personal trainers going into the adult industry, she says. You're going to get the job because you've got the body to pull it off, and you're going to do it because it pays so much more. This no doubt explains why her own personal website has moved from a focus on the training (it was formerly called 'Charlene Hart Pure Body Makeover') to a focus on the adult (www.ladycharlenehart.com - coming soon).


So it seems that, as well as in the mainstream fashion industry - as FMS reported on Sunday (see #fitnotthin) - the shadier 'glamour' industry is also starting to put a premium on bodies that are made in the gym.

And if one of the perks of that is that on the very rare occasion I stumble onto the 900+ channels, I get to see Charlene flexing her little muscles, and that as time goes by there will be more and more fitness models crossing over into the adult glamour world, well, that can't be bad, can it?

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You can follow Charlene's adventures on Twitter, and she also has a Twitter fanpage (run by a gentleman with the magnificent moniker of 'tonybum0553'). For clips of Charlene in action on the phone - sometimes there's flexing action, but not always - you can visit the Bluebird TV fan forum, or for older, pre-Bluebird clips, some of the links on the Babeshows fan forum might still work.


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