Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gym Bodz: She Squats

Squat leg day. The day where fat cries loudly and my muscles almost match. The day where I lay my pride and all my faith on the table and find out just how strong I really am. The day where I find a stronger me. The day where I push a little harder, farther, faster. The day where I break down every last bit of my efforts exhaust my body and will power…..and keep pushing! It’s the day I find out who I truly am and what I’m truly made of...
Tumblr post

Squats seem to be the 'in' exercise. From the 30-day squat challenge, which has its very own Tumblr tag, to the "She Squats Bro" T-shirts for the woman who squats in your life (also with a Tumblr), to the "Yeah, She Squats" Facebook page (over 600,000 likes and counting), for the man who loves women who squat, this is seemingly the dawning of a golden age.

It's all good (especially when to hot muscle babes help each other out) although I wonder if one of our lovely readers would adapt the motivational image below...

And add another panel to the right of the image that says something along the lines of lots and lots and lots of heavy squats and you can have a truly awe-inspiring behind...
left to right and top to beautiful bottom: Kellner and Salvagno; Palmell and Landolt; Campbell and Martin


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